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Sample email: Loom


From: Loom
Subject: To be read before wearing socks
Preheader: Hello Marion, You have just received your Loom order.

Why this choice?

I chose to share an automated email from Loom, an eco-responsible clothing brand. I received it five days after placing an order.

This email is completely different from the usual emails: it is in plain text format and does not even contain the Loom logo, nor a small pictogram, nor a color, NOTHING!

However, this email caught my attention. It's 100% automated and personalized according to the products I've ordered. I read the email all the way through, because it adds real value for the reader. You can feel that the content has been written with the wearer in mind. What thoughts go through your mind when you wear a garment for the first time? What emotions do you feel? Loom has really thought about this when writing its content, and has answered all the questions a wearer might have. It's very reassuring for the customer!

I also like the sentence at the end: "A problem? Got a question? Simply reply to this e-mail. This shows that the sender's address is being consulted.

This email challenges current emailing practices. Usually, brands focus first on the design of the email and then on the content. Here, it's the complete opposite: we don't bother with design, we focus on content! I think Loom is right, it fits perfectly with the brand's image and values.

This email has been selected by Marion Duchatelet