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Action Rocket

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Sample email: Action Rocket


From: Action Rocket
Subject: EmailWeekly #444: It's an unlucky date for some
Preheader: but not if you're an egg!

Why this choice?

Pfffuuu, where to start on this Action Rocket newsletter... Although the design is minimalist, it's important to understand thatthis is a newsletter designed by an emailing agency. And they clearly know what they're doing. Even more so when you know that Jay Oram is (undoubtedly) behind it all. So I can tell you about the design, which automatically adapts on mobile, even when media queries are not supported. Rounded corners managed via CSS. A very nice dissociation between textual content and graphic effects. (all texts are designed in HTML, even article labels). A very nice hierarchy of information. Near-perfect Dark Mode management. Well thought-out animated gifs. Beautiful contrasts between background colors and text colors. I could also talk to you about accessibility, with the use of semantic tags and the addition of attributes. role="presentation" attribute on tables. lang on the tag html and on the bodythe presence of the attribute role="article" on the div and attributes aria... The presence of gmail annotations. Or the easter eggs hidden in the HTML code, with the reproduction of a rocket in ASCII code. And I'm not even talking about the exciting content, be it email marketing or design, code or web accessibility in general! But the best thing to do is to subscribe to this newsletterand see for yourself!

This email was selected by Thomas Defossez