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Writing newsletters and emailings  is not so simple

Stand out from the crowd with effective copywriting

The average Internet user receives several dozen emails a day. When he scans his mailbox, you only have a few thousandths of a second to convince him to open yours. How do you stand out? How do you talk to them? How do you avoid telling the same story over and over again? To achieve this, nothing beats a well thought-out editorial strategy. At Badsender, we work with you. We identify the editorial topics that really captivate your audience. We define your tone of voice and editorial style. We find the right angle of approach for each segment of your audience, so that your emails are read and clicked.

To avoid talking to them only about your product or service universe, it is essential to understand them deeply. Who are your main targets? What are their concerns? Their challenges? What motivates them? Their key moments? What obstacles do they face? We can help you identify the topics that will captivate them.

Convictions and stances are essential for a distinctive editorial approach, and they strengthen attachment. We'll help you define what makes your organization different, what irritates you in your industry, what annoys your competitors. We'll guide you in determining the powerful messages that will make you stand out, defend your positions and express your convictions.

We don't address all audiences in the same way. Your contacts probably have different interests and concerns. We can help you find the right editorial angle for each segment of your audience. We help you present your products or services as solutions to their specific needs.

Whether out of regulatory necessity or conviction, the CSR commitments made by organizations are struggling to be reflected in marketing practices. This inconsistency between stated values and concrete actions raises crucial questions about corporate credibility. We can help you increase your consistency and credibility with your customers, while avoiding greenwashing.

You trust us with your
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Deliver a clear and effective reference document

We provide you with a writing framework and examples of how to write emails so that your teams can refer to them on a daily basis.


Telling you the truth and alerting you if you slip up

We're honest. If your discourse and marketing practices are not aligned with your values and commitments, we'll tell you.


Empowering you

We'll help you acquire the right editorial reflexes. You don't have to depend on us. We don't want to keep you as a customer forever.

How we work together
to write your content


To identify your key messages, your values, your tone of voice and your relational posture, we conduct interviews with key members of your teams: general management, customer service, sales, communications, marketing and CSR departments. We dive deep into your organization to really understand it.

Workshop: values and personality traits

Sometimes interviews aren't enough. That's when we use collective intelligence. We start with your organization's raison d'être. We define your values, personality traits and the relational posture you wish to adopt towards your prospects and customers. We define your organization's personality traits and tone of voice.

Workshop: customer knowledge

Using a collective intelligence approach, during this workshop we identify your main targets and their concerns. The objective? To put ourselves in a target's shoes before writing an email, writing with their concerns, challenges and needs in mind. This will help us present your products or services in the right way.

Writing framework & examples

To harmonize writing, it's essential to have a clear framework. We draw up a reference document detailing the way your organization addresses your targets: how to start an email, the use of first or last name, the decision on inclusive writing, and how to sign an email.


We support your teams in perfecting their email and newsletter copywriting skills. We help them identify and prioritize the key messages to be communicated, and integrate them into the subject line, preheader, main headline, subheads and highlight blocks, while finding the right editorial angle and respecting your editorial specificities.

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