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CSR & Marketing: alignment or divergence? An unfiltered survey by Adetem-Opinionway

Aligning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and marketing practices represents a major challenge for corporate credibility. Against this backdrop, the Collectif Responsables! by Adetem, in partnership with Opinionway, is launching a major survey aimed at marketing and communications professionals, to measure the alignment or divergence between CSR commitments and marketing practices.

Questionnaire time: less than 10 minutes
Closing date for responses: May 17, 2024
Presentation of results: in June
OpinionWay guarantees confidentiality of responses

From CSR commitments to the reality of marketing practices

While companies are paying increasing attention to CSR, whether out of regulatory necessity or conviction, these commitments sometimes struggle to materialize in marketing practices and business models.

That's what Damien OudinMichelin's Road Tire Product Manager, at the event. the marketing fresco round table I attended He mentioned the good progress made in product eco-design, while acknowledging that they still had a lot to learn about operational marketing tactics.

This dissonance between proclaimed values and concrete actions raises crucial questions about the credibility of companies' commitments..

An unfiltered survey to alert, understand and act

Marketing and communication have a considerable influence on society. By determining what is and isn't desirable, these disciplines play an essential role in encouraging citizens to adopt more responsible consumption, thereby promoting a reduction in over-consumption. As marketing and communications professionals, we bear a special responsibility for the design and implementation of our strategies..

That's the whole point of this survey proposed by the Collectif Responsables! by Adetem A dynamic group of some twenty passionate and committed members who reflect on the responsibilities of marketing and the ways in which it can transform companies.

The responses to this survey will shed light on the dissonance between values and marketing practices. This will accelerate awareness, alert and encourage marketing professionals to change their practices.

The Badsender community: agents of change

Since February 2024, Badsender is a member of the ADETEM network. More recently, we joined the Collectif Responsables! by Adetem.

We therefore actively solicit the participation of our readers in this survey.. Your contribution is essential. Please take the time to respond, and share this link with your marketing and communications peers:

Together, we can speed things up. You can count on Badsender to help you adopt these new marketing and communication reflexes.

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