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Badsender agency has been in existence since 2015. Until now, we hadn't joined any professional bodies in our industry, marketing. Regularly, we asked ourselves: Should Badsender join a professional network? Whether to network, broaden our horizons, or share best practices. And every time, the answer was no. And why? Because we never felt at home in these organizations. Too much talk, not enough action. We were bothered by the promotion of overly traditional, unquestioning marketing, and by an incessantly performance-driven culture. In short, it lacked truth, sincerity and authenticity. Plus, membership costs are generally quite high for an agency like ours.

But this summer I discovered ADETEM via the marketing mural.

ADETEM is an association that has been in existence since 1954 (40 years!) and brings together marketing professionals. In my opinion, it's the only professional organization in the sector that so closely links marketing challenges at ethical, social and environmental issues. ADETEM makes a concrete commitment through the marketing muralby offering responsible marketing trainingand via RESPONSABLES!" collective which brings together 30 ultra-committed marketers.
What's more, ADETEM has a regional presence. Among those of interest to us are the Club Région Montpellier-Occitanie which, it seems, is active (Jonathan Loriaux, founder of Badsender, who lives near Carcassonne, will be able to help), and another Club in Bordeaux is in the process of being set up (Olivier Fredon, if you can hear me...).

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

Several people around us spoke positively of ADETEM. So we took the plunge. My only fear is that too many events take place face-to-face, in Paris. I hope they'll manage to capture their physical events online!

We're going to try it out this year. To see if ADETEM can do anything for us and if our knowledge about sobriety and marketing bring something to the network.
It's said that "together we're stronger", so being part of a collective to shake up the system speaks volumes to us at Badsender ;-). This membership strengthens our determination to promote responsible marketing and communications.

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