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Interview with Alexane Renaut, founder of Com on the moon and CMO of Bedycasa

In December, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Alexane Renaut. Alexane is a young and talented entrepreneur. She runs a communications agency, lives as a podcaster, is CMO of Bedycasa, and also teaches yoga (and communications). In short, Alexane embarks on 10,000 adventures, always with a zest for life!

Alexane Renaut

"The word authenticity is present in my slogan, for example, but it's not just for show. In fact, it's because I think it's really important." - Alexane Renaut

In this episode of our "Sobriety and Marketing" podcast, we look at Alexane's personal and professional journey. We talk about ethical and responsible communicationyoga, well-being and personal development. Alexane explains how she integrates yoga into her career path, the challenges of moving from salaried employee to entrepreneur, the importance of authenticity, passion and alignment of values in professional life.

"I realized that I really needed to reconnect with nature and what's essential, and to say to myself, okay, there's a working life, but there's also your life. You have to get to know yourself, accept yourself, understand yourself so you can work better with others in the end, and have healthier relationships." - Alexane Renaut

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The (very) summarized transcript of the podcast with Alexane Renaut

Jonathan Loriaux: Hello Alexane.

Alexane Renaut: Hi.

Jonathan Loriaux: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your origins and your daily life?

Alexane Renaut: It's a vast subject. Thank you, Jonathan, for the invitation to your podcast. It's unusual to be on the other side of the microphone, but I'll play along. My name is Alexane Renaud. I launched my digital communications agency specializing in ethics, eco-responsibility, well-being and personal development in August 2021. Prior to that, I worked in large companies. During my first permanent contract, I took a yoga course, which wasn't easy to reconcile with work. After my trial period, I decided to join a startup to take a more active role. Subsequently, I managed communications for an events agency specializing in finance, while giving yoga classes. However, a trip to Mongolia in 2019 made me reconsider my lifestyle, prompting us to move to Orléans.

Jonathan Loriaux: So you moved to the country before Covid?

Alexane Renaut: Exactly. We visited houses in Orleans after our trip. We found a house on Le Bon Coin. We fell in love with it, bought it and everything fell into place. I needed to reconnect with nature and the essential. It gave new meaning to my yoga teaching. In January 2020, I started a new job, but tensions pushed me to leave for an opportunity linked to a yoga magazine. I had to choose between this new adventure and the security of my job.

Jonathan Loriaux: A rather classic career path. I myself quit my job to become a freelancer. Having a customer already makes the transition easier.

Alexane Renaut : Absolutely. I didn't really need to prospect to find new customers. In the beginning, everything came naturally. However, 2023 was more difficult, requiring more prospecting. I defined my persona and my target, concentrating my work on impact, ethical and eco-responsible companies.

Jonathan Loriaux: Interesting. Let's talk about your podcast, "Talks on the Moon. What does it contain?

Alexane Renaut: The podcast began during the first confinement. Initially, it was about interviewing yoga teachers about their journey. Then I wanted to create a second podcast on marketing and entrepreneurship. I eventually merged the two for thematic coherence, including interviews, discussions and episodes on the lunar cycle, linked to entrepreneurship.

Jonathan Loriaux: Explain how you developed your portfolio, despite the perception that you didn't have enough time for new clients.

Alexane Renaut: I didn't really need to prospect at first. I relied on word-of-mouth and my LinkedIn network. However, 2023 was more difficult, requiring more prospecting. I focused on impact companiesethical and eco-responsible. I've also redefined my support services to better manage my time and my customers.

Jonathan Loriaux: What is your role as CMO of Bedycasa?

Alexane Renaut: As CMO, I'm in charge of communications strategy, with an emphasis on organic marketing and avoiding paid advertising. We prioritize quality over quantity, seeking to animate and engage our community. We focus on creating a positive user experience, listening and responding to the needs of our hosts and travelers.

Jonathan Loriaux: What advice would you give to marketing professionals who want to give more meaning to their work?

Alexane Renaut: If you're passionate about your job but no longer find meaning in your current company, consider proposing projects that are close to your heart. Otherwise, think about launching yourself and supporting companies that match your values. Be aware of the financial challenges, but be patient and follow your intuition. Don't be afraid to experiment and share your experience.

Jonathan Loriaux: Are there any brands or organizations that particularly inspire you?

Alexane Renaut: Team for the planet is an organization that inspires me by the way it communicates and brings people together. I also observe local artisans, such as Chloé Céramique in Orléanswho embody the values of ethics and responsibility.

Jonathan Loriaux: Can you tell us about your new project, an oracle and a diary?

Alexane Renaut: Yes, I created a diary and oracle based on the lunar cycle and personal development. The diary includes exercises and rituals for each lunar cycle. The oracle, made up of 80 cards, is designed to guide and inspire, not to predict the future. I chose self-publishing to control communication and distribution, in line with my values.

Jonathan Loriaux: Thank you for this enriching discussion. It was a pleasure to have you on our podcast.

Alexane Renaut: Thank you for your confidence. It was a pleasure to share my experiences.

Jonathan Loriaux: Good luck and see you soon.

Alexane Renaut: See you soon. Thank you, Alexane.

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