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Interview with Marie Chaillou, INSPIRE agency, former Marketing and CSR Communications Director at Décathlon

"It's up to communications and marketing to accelerate the company's transformation. Not the other way around."

In this episode of the "Sobriety and Marketing" podcast, Marion Duchatelet receives Marie Chaillou. Marie worked for eight years as a journalist before joining Décathlon. For ten years, she held various communications positions within the company. For the last five years, although her official title has been Marketing and Communications Director for the Group's Sustainable Development, she preferred the title of Director of Information and Communication. Since early 2023, she has continued to work on the same topics, helping other organizations and companies. She has created Inspirean agency that supports marketing and communications teams in meeting the challenges of environmental transition.

"There are a lot of pressures and the first ones are internal".

Marie explains that the first step is to support this transition process internally before launching major external communication campaigns. The first step is to make clear and transparent information available within the company, for employees and stakeholders alike. She explains her role in implementing this vision with local teams and brands: training and support to put them into action. She believes it is important to share the difficulties encountered, where we are now, and how far we still have to go.

She then talks about the importance of the place of CSR in the company's organization. If CSR is attached to Comex, there are things to do. If CSR is attached to com, not so much. We're talking about the complexity of discussing these issues in executive committees, and the need to generate value other than through new products.

She discusses the importance of price, the need for reassurance about the right price, and understand what's behind the price. She also talks about the complexity of the market, driven downwards by platforms where price no longer means anything.

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We're talking about what's necessary media role of today's companies and their responsibility to influence. For her, every organization, whether marketing agency, service provider or partner, must challenge advertisers' briefs and demand that things move forward.

We also talk about co-constructionIn this context, brands need to work together on a sector-by-sector basis to create industry-wide alliances.

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