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Interview with Pierre Guilbaud, Marketing Flow: "The problem isn't marketing or tools, it's what people do with them."

In this episode of the Sobriety & Marketing podcast, Marion Duchatelet discusses with Pierre Guilbaudco-founder of Marketing Flow.

Marketing Flow is a platform that helps marketers of committed companies to multiply their positive impact through marketing techniques. Their goal? To help them gain market share so that engaged companies become the norm. And it's not bullshit, since they reject 50% candidate companies that don't have positive impact at the heart of their business model.

Pierre gives his vision of marketing. For him, "the problem isn't marketing or tools, it's what people do with them". We discuss the subjectivity of marketing, the knots in the brain that this profession creates for committed marketers: to sell via promo codes or not? to invest in ads on Meta or not? to sell via amazon or not? etc.

"There's nothing that can beat - 50% for 48 hours."
He talks about the power of promotion and the spiral a company can be in if its revenues are established using this lever. "You can never get out of it again, it's far too powerful." In his view, it's all a question of the company's business plan. The marketing levers used are necessarily aligned with the speed of growth described in the business plan.

Finally, Pierre gives us a few practices that work well for him:

  • Carrying the brand's voice through discovery channels such as social networks and YouTube
  • Create a community by subscribing to a newsletter
  • Communicate regularly via discussion channels such as the newsletter, LinkedIn direct messages, a whastapp or Facebook group.
  • Co-construct offers based on community opinions and feedback
  • Invest in copywriting and message content much more than in tools or design. "My newsletters aren't the prettiest thing on earth, the most important thing is what they say."

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