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Badsender welcomes a new member in its network of consultants.

We welcome a new consultant to our network of email experts. Hello Sébastien Courtecuisse! Can you tell us a little about your background? Did your studies predestine you for marketing?

"I did a bachelor's degree in marketing communications, which was very traditional. We were doing agency briefs... way too many briefs. That's why I wanted to finish my degree in something more web-based, which corresponded more to me. So I specialized in eCRM.

Why eCRM? Because the stakes are in the web business. I also like growth strategies and especially customer loyalty. I started out in affiliation as an emailing manager, which is where I developed my email expertise. Then I worked for brands in B2C and in subscription strategy as a CRM manager.

  • Qobuz : music streaming application (Salesforce marketing cloud tool, Selligent)
  • Neoness: low-cost sports channel (Mailchimp and Batch)

Unfortunately my experience at Neoness will end with my trial period. And it was this last experience that made me realize that I now wanted to work for myself."

You've decided to join the Badsender network as an email consultant. What are your expectations?

"It was already a bit of a grail for me to join the Badsender network. I have been a fan since the beginning of my professional life! My main goal is to fill my TO-DO with great missions! Then, while my professional life is destined to be more solitary than when I was in business, I want to join a community of active freelancers, because the social link is hyper-important to hold!"

What is, without necessarily naming the company, the most interesting project you have had the chance to participate in? And why?

"When I was at Qobuz, I was able to rethink the onboarding strategy (I love working on onboarding). We had implemented an onboarding that was a little different from what the rest of the market was offering, much more focused on customer relations. It was a real success and allowed us to significantly increase the conversion rate. This made it much easier to raise awareness internally about the importance of CRM.

Beyond the performance of this new onbarding, this is the first real project where I was able to really invest myself and where I really felt heard."

What are the 3 main challenges for the next few months in the world of emailing and eCRM?

  1. "Stop the bullshit, the marketer of tomorrow will write high value-added emails for his client and nothing else. He will have to stop writing emails to please his boss!
  2. Preference for European marketing solutionsThis is because the customer is increasingly sensitive to this notion.
  3. Related to the context: Successfully supporting local businesses and VSEs. There have been quite a few initiatives to digitalize the sales areas of our local businesses (website creation, click and collect...), we must now create turnkey solutions to manage loyalty and CRM for these structures."

Otherwise, any other personal projects in the pipeline?

"With a few volunteers from my association, we launched almost two months ago : Project aimed at reconciling Employment and Climate. This site lists companies whose business trajectory is consistent with the Paris Climate Agreement. This is an important project for me because there is still too much greenwashing in the pro world and this is no longer acceptable in 2021.

I'm also very interested in marketing to seniors. They will soon represent +? of the population and yet it seems that brands are neglecting them. It's a shame because the 65+ generation is now much more comfortable with the web. It is high time for us to learn their codes to better communicate with them.

A final word to conclude?

I love email. I don't like push notification and even less SMS marketing. But I love to debate, so if you think you have the arguments to change my mind, this is the place to do it:

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