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Choice of email and eCRM campaign management tools

We accompany you in this choice.

Badsender accompanies you in your calls for tender, from the definition of your needs to the selection of the best eCRM solution, including the drafting of specifications and the creation of an evaluation grid.
choice of email campaign management tool

Our support methodology




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Our calls for tender
in practice.
Audit of your needs.
We will realize a complete audit of your needs and your current practices as well as the strategic evolutions that lead you to choose a new tool. In this way, we will be able to guide you towards the most relevant product category for your needs, whether it is a complete eCRM solution, an emailing router or a Customer Data Platform.
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These needs will be categorized according to 6 different axes:
  • The profile of the users of the future solution;
  • The channels you want to activate
  • The level of sophistication needed in the automation of your campaigns
  • The data needed for your eCRM strategy
  • Your needs in terms of personalization of your messages (email, sms, push notifications, ...)
  • The type of reports needed to measure the performance of your campaigns, automated scenarios, deliverability...
Drafting of specifications
Once the scope of your needs has been established, we write your specifications with you or for you. This document is central in the choice of an eCRM or emailing tool. It will allow the solution vendor to understand the context in which you find yourself, to know your needs. But your specifications should not be just a list of features that the vendor can check off! It is also the place where you can challenge him on certain issues specific to your business, your strategy, your data. That's why you should present in your specifications one or two use cases related to your most important needsand ask the salespeople to present a solution to them, either in writing or during the demonstration.
Construction of an evaluation grid
The evaluation grid is the instrument that will allow you to Reconcile your needs with the functionalities presented by the different tools. She will accompany you during the rest of the selection process, during the reception of the written answers, the interviews/demos and the final choice. Every year, we organize meetings/demos with all the players in the eCRM and CDP emailing market. This allows us to update over 150 criteria divided into 9 categories and to know the market perfectly.
Shortlist and sending of the specifications.
Based on our knowledge, we list the tools that are most likely to meet your needs and send the specifications to our contacts.
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Interview and evaluate.
With your evaluation grid and a clear idea of your needs, you will be able to attend demonstrations not as a passive spectator, but as an actor of your future tool! The objective is not to listen to a sales pitch, but to challenge your contact so that he can show proof that his solution meets your needs.
Decide, negotiate, migrate!
With this preparatory work, it should not be too difficult to decide on one or the other solution. Now it's time to negotiate the prices and the different terms of your contract. Here again Badsender will be at your side to help you negotiate on the right levers. Once the contract is signed. You'll have to migrate... and that's another story!
Do you feel limited by your email solution? Do you want to automate your eCRM programs but your platform doesn't allow it? We can help.
The number of eCRM campaign management platforms available on the market is constantly increasing and it is not always easy to find a solution that is compatible with your needs. At Badsender, we use no less than 18 different campaign management solutions. Thanks to this asset, we help our clients choose the campaign management solution that best suits their needs, organization and budget.

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