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LIVE: Can artificial intelligence help us write our marketing content?

L'artificial intelligence is a very trendy topic since many months or even years. In marketing strategies, its use is mainly focused on content recommendation, scoring and audience selection. But many new revolutions are to be expected in the coming months and years. And these revolutions will inevitably affect the work of marketers. For illustrate these (r)evolutionswe will take a specific point of view, that of the Text generation (Natural Language Generation - NLG) assisted by AI. What are the possible uses of Artificial Intelligence in content writing? What will change in the production process of marketing campaigns?

To explore this topic, we have brought together 4 experts in artificial intelligence and text generation. These will help you discover the different facets of the subject. To animate the round table, we have also prepared various interviews. We will also select several questions from the audience. So don't hesitate to participate, it will be interactive!

When will it happen? February 25 from 11am to 12pm.

The experts.

Ludan Stoecklé

Ludan Stoeckléauthor of RosaeNLG, open source NLG development library (Apache 2.0). Expert teacher at aivancity. Since 2018, Ludan has been the CTO of the AI Lab at BNP Paribas CIB.

Albert Derasse

Albert DerasseHe is the author of "Algorithmes & blues du directeur marketing - L'AI au service du marketing moderne" published by Edipro, Vice-President of the Brussels AI association and a lecturer on marketing strategy and digital marketing at the ICHEC.

Coline Viguerie

Coline ViguerieShe is the author of a thesis entitled "Artificial intelligence and literature: when algorithms start writing" which was written as part of a Master's degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Paris Nanterre.

Alexei Kounine

Alexei KounineVP Innovation & Solution Consulting at SelligentHe is in charge of product innovation on all data engineering, artificial intelligence and customer experience issues.

Jonathan Loriaux

Jonathan LoriauxFounder and CEO of and, theEmail Builder made in Badsender.

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