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Badsender publishes a white paper to help you in your DMARC deployment!

Maybe you won't want to take it with you at the beach on the ski slopes, however, it is colorful, graceful, sparkling and airy at the same time. Here is, after several months of gestation, the latest white paper of Badsender!

Yes, sorry, when you know that DMARC stands for "Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance" (bless you), you have to start gently in order not to scare everyone!

Moreover, we wanted to create a document that could be useful for technicians (in companies, DMARC is often the responsibility of the department in charge of IT security), but also for readers working in marketing departments. You'll tell us if it's a success.

An overview of our white paper (from the air)

The white paper pitch!

We conducted a study on the deployment of DMARC at CAC40 companies and another one on the TOP 100 French E-commerce sites (still unpublished study) and we found out that many companies still hadn't deployed DMARC on their main domain... and that only a minority of them secure their email flows correctly.

We must not forget that the email channel remains the main source of spam and identity theft in the world. The SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), designed in the early 80's, 9 years before the web, was not developed with strong security standards. It is easy for a malicious person to pretend to be someone he is not.

With this white paper, we try to shed light on the interest of DMARC (but also on its limitations) and to guide you through the different stages of its deployment, from DMARC monitoring to the implementation of a security policy in "reject" mode.

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