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Participate in our deliverability training on October 16th, 2019 in Paris!

And here we go again!

We are organizing a deliverability training day on October 16th in Paris. Our objective during this training will be to make you autonomous in the detection, understanding and resolution of deliverability incidents.

Who is the email deliverability training for?

This training is aimed at all positions that may have an influence on the deliverability of emails within your company, whether CRM managers, email marketing project managers, email campaign managers, but also more technical profiles such as network administrators.

The objectives of the deliverability training

Our objective is to help you discover the basics of deliverability, to understand the technical and marketing aspects of obtaining a email deliverability to identify a problem with your routing environment, to measure the deliverability performance of your campaigns, to deal with the specificities of the different webmails and ISPs, to monitor deliverability of your emailing campaigns, and to know how to detect and solve a deliverability incident.

Our objective is to work on practical cases throughout the day. A common thread that will serve as an example, and your own issues whenever possible. Throughout the day, your knowledge will be evaluated to ensure that each element is correctly mastered.

Where? When? How do I do it?

Wednesday October 16th in the center of Paris (the exact location will be announced soon).

Badsender is recognized as a professional training organization. As such, our trainings are certified by Data Dock and can be financed by your OPCA. If you wish to have your training financed, do not hesitate to ask us for a draft training agreement and to contact your Human Resources department or your OPCA.

The trainer

Jonathan Loriaux. Jonathan has been active for more than twelve years in the field of emailing and eCRM, his career path started on the technical side (research and development, campaign integration, ...) before moving on to sales as an eCRM expert, and finally marketing consulting. For many years, Jonathan has been assisting Badsender's clients in conducting deliverability audits and in implementing their conclusions. He is also the author of many articles on the subject in the deliverability from the Badsender blog.

More information

Do not hesitate to consult the page dedicated to our email deliverability training on the site of our emailing agency if you need more details...

... or fill out the form below, you will be contacted promptly to ask any questions you may have and to arrange. If the form does not appear, try to deactivate your Adblocker.

The author

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