Email deliverability training :

Prevent and solve future delivery problems.

You're at a loss when it comes to email deliverability and don't know exactly what action to take. Are your problems technical or purely marketing in nature? What are the indicators you need to see where you stand?

email marketing training

The objectives of the training.

Know the basics of deliverability


Anticipate the technical and marketing aspects that will allow you to obtain a controlled email deliverability.


Identify a configuration problem on your routing environment.


Optimize your routing strategy.


Measure the performance of your campaigns.


Understand the specifics of the different Anti-Spam filters set up by Webmails and ISPs.


Follow and monitor deliverability of its emailing campaigns.


Know how to detect and solve a delivery incident.

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  • Participants from several companies gathered
  • Between 5 and 7 participants maximum
  • The possibility of making a training agreement
  • The provision of a digital support
  • Practical workshops throughout the course


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  • Organized within your company
  • The possibility of making a training agreement
  • The provision of a digital support
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Get your professional training financed

Badsender is working in partnership with Dixer, a professional training organization. As such, our training courses are certified by Data Dock and labeled AFNOR. They can therefore be financed by your OPCO if you have less than 50 employees. If you wish to have your training financed, do not hesitate to ask us for a draft training agreement and to contact your Human Resources department or your OPCO.

The detailed training program.

Introduction to deliverability

What is deliverability / Some key figures / A complex language / A complexity of filtering.

The fight of the century: SPAM vs ANTI-SPAM FILTERS

Evolution of spam / Filtering devices / Personal perception.

The reputation of the sender

What is reputation / Key indicators that influence reputation / Individual responsibilities

Technical architecture

IP / (sub)domain settings / Authentication standards / Feedback loops / SMTP header / Defining your routing strategy / Pre-warming your IP / (sub)domain.

Sender identity management

Anti-phishing / Domain name usage policy / Privacy policy.

The good practices to respect

Internal / external collection of e-mail addresses / Cleaning of the database / Management of inactive people / Segmentation & targeting / Relevance of the message / Test... Test... And retest...

Overview of the main ISPs / Webmails

US Webmails (AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) / French ISP & Webmail (Free, La Poste, Orange, SFR).

Monitor your deliverability

Internal monitoring / External monitoring.

Managing a delivery problem

Identify problem / Contact ISP/Webmail / Take corrective action.

Staying informed

French blogs / English blogs / Other sources of information.


Your trainer Jonathan Loriaux.

Jonathan has been active for more than twelve years in the field of emailing and eCRM, his career path started on the technical side (research and development, campaign integration...) before moving on to sales as an eCRM expert, and finally to marketing consulting. For many years, Jonathan has been assisting Badsender's clients in conducting deliverability audits and in implementing their conclusions. He is also the author of many articles on the subject in the deliverability section of the Badsender blog. Our main objective? To help you prevent future deliverability problems and solve them. We propose a one-day training session to broaden your vision of this issue. Deliverability is a complex discipline with both technical and marketing aspects. We will help you to see more clearly on topics such as reputation, filtering technologies, best practices... The objective of this deliverability training is not only to learn the main principles of deliverability, but above all to teach you how to carry out deliverability monitoring in order to detect any problem that might occur and to learn how to trace the source of this problem in order to solve it. To do this, we will analyze several practical cases, we will analyze deliverability dashboards and we will give you many tips and tricks to improve your deliverability in the long term. This training is aimed at CRM managers, email and eCRM project managers, email and eCRM campaign managers, network administrators, and many other profiles!

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