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Marketing automation: What could be the customer experience at Easyjet!

The purpose of this case study is to explore the opportunities for loyalty in the context of Easyjet. To be a repeat customer, it is clear that many opportunities are being missed that could benefit both the company's revenues and its customers' satisfaction. It was presented a week ago at an Insights Morning organized by Cabestan last week.

We would like to clarify that Easyjet is not a client of Badsender and that this brainstorming was done free of charge as an example (anyway, our clients would not be too keen to disclose the fruit of their strategic thinking 😉 ).

This case study uses (in a light version) the methodology used by Badsender for its eCRM Workshops. This is by no means a "finished" job, but a way of showing you in what order to think about your business automation.

Steps to thinking about a marketing automation strategy:

  1. Ask yourself the question of business objectives
  2. Which data and which contact points?
  3. Model your customer journey
  4. What are the most appropriate channels?
  5. Go back to the objectives to build your paths

About Easyjet: Easyjet is the second largest European airline in terms of passenger numbers behind Ryanair and the second in France behind Air France. In 2016 the company carried over 73 million passengers.

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  1. I totally agree with you, I think that marketing strategy requires effective channels as well as a well determined targeting of the prospects.Thanks in any case for this very informative video.

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