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Interview with an eCRM project manager: Yann Fouques, AS Monaco

A few days ago, Visiplus Academy has published a very complete guide to web professions. On no less than 196 pages, this guide reviews all the web jobs, with descriptive sheets (which can be very useful if you want to reorient yourself or even write sheets for the recruitment of your future employees). At Badsender, we obviously went to see what was said about eCRM and emailing, and we asked Visiplus for permission to publish the interview of the eCRM project manager, who happens to be Yann Fouques from AS Monaco.

After the interview, you will also find the missions and skills that make up the role of eCRM manager.

The interview

What are the skills and qualities needed to do this job?

A good ability to analyze our environment is essential, as well as a good knowledge of the different CRM tools in order to set up the campaigns. Communication is essential, the CRM Manager works closely with the different departments of a company, he must be able to federate and bring together the teams. Finally, a CRM Manager must be curious, test things, understand new media, keep an eye on things...

What are the different missions related to your work? What is a typical day like?

There is no such thing as a typical day for a CRM Manager, and our job is constantly evolving with new technologies. Nevertheless I would say that data analysis, A/B testing, reporting, customer journey and monitoring are recurring tasks.

What do you like best about this job?

The permanent evolution of our business is its strong point, and its interest. We have constant access to new technologies, we know our members better and better, which allows us to propose dedicated offers. It is a real challenge to propose innovative operations and to work on all digital media.

What are the possible professional evolutions according to you? Is it possible to move on to other jobs? Which ones?

The job has already evolved a lot. In the beginning, a CRM Manager was often compared to a simple email router, today he is at the heart of the company's digital strategy. The objective is to be always closer to our fans/members. With geolocation and digitalization, we can create tailor-made loyalty programs.

What advice would you give to people who would like to take on this type of position?

Ideally a master's degree in marketing or a good business school. Then you have to be curious, look at what is being done well in France or abroad, make the most of each new technology, each social network.

What do you think of the training courses that exist in this field?

To my knowledge there is no real training to become a CRM Manager. You don't become a CRM Manager after your studies but after several years of experience in webmarketing. So you need a good training in this field, then learn the specificities of CRM within the company.

The job description of the eCRM project manager


  • Project planning
    • Gather needs and define objectives between marketing and IT teams
    • Identify and measure the resources needed to implement the project
    • Define the planning and budget of the e-CRM project
  • Customer knowledge
    • Extract data from the customer database and
    • Identify the relevant data to analyze in order to establish your target, your persona
    • Define new ways to collect additional data
    • Define the rules for managing customer data
    • Analyze and monitor customer behavior
    • Implement tracking solutions to analyze traffic and visitor browsing behavior
    • Develop and supervise the studies and processing of the customer database and cross-reference the data
    • Analyze the results of loyalty campaigns, report the information to the management
    • Manage customer recruitment and retention campaigns, analyze results
    • Define navigation scenarios according to customer profiles
    • Ensure the reporting of loyalty KPIs and monitor the activity of customer accounts
  • Develop proximity and visitor engagement
    • Develop brand awareness and image and generate interaction between the brand and its customers
    • Define a segmentation adapted to the brand's customers
    • Rewarding loyal customers
    • Personalize the modes of contact with the customer
    • Optimize its referencing on search engines, on social networks
    • Adapt to changing customer behavior
    • Define the key performance indicators, KPI
    • Calculate the return on investment, ROI
    • Identify errors and discrepancies with the objectives pursued in order to adapt the e-CRM tools


  • Skills required:
    • Mastery of CRM and back office software
    • Mastery of statistical and reporting tools
    • Marketing knowledge
    • Knowledge of the main performance indicators (KPI)
    • Knowledge of email campaign software and the main computer languages
    • Good knowledge of customer attitude and behavior analysis methods
  • Professional skills:
    • Ability to organize, manage and express leadership
    • Force of proposal
    • Ability to analyze and synthesize
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Open to technologies
    • Excellent command of English
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