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Redesigning emailing ... for fun : Email invitation from FEVAD !

Behind every email is a possible optimization of graphics, ergonomics or deliverability! And today, we are attacking a big construction site! 😀 As any good webmarketer knows, the FEVAD organized a few days ago (June 14, 2016) the event "Les Enjeux E-commerce 2016". Who says e-commerce necessarily says email marketing (among other things). And who says Email Marketing says logically... Badsender !

On the occasion of this event, we had received in May a "Save the date" email sent by the FEVAD.


However, we believe that the communication in question deserves some optimization. Let's list the possible points of optimization (Attention, these are only constructive criticisms of course!) :

  • The email is mainly composed of images. This probably affects its deliverability since the text/image ratio is not respected. But it also affects the reading of the email and its click rate in case of non downloaded or non displayed images. Indeed, in this case, there is almost no text left in raw HTML, and the message is therefore no longer understandable.
  • This could be slightly "optimized" if the main image of the email was split into several small images and the alternative texts of the images were correctly filled in and formatted... Unfortunately, this is not the case!
  • Moreover, while it is a "Save the date", no CTA is set up. It is therefore not possible to pre-register or to automatically add the date to the calendar.
  • Finally, there is something "wrong" with the graphics. The email is unrelated, inconsistent with the event site.

The objectives of this spontaneous redesign 😀 will therefore be as follows:

  • Optimize the text/image ratio as much as possible to improve the accessibility of the email.
  • Design this email in hybrid responsive / fluid! It is essential to think Responsive in email marketing in 2016 in view of the percentages of consultation from mobile devices in perpetual growth! And when we know the target of this event, we are OBLIGED to think Responsive! ;D
  • Propose at least 1 Call to action to pre-register for the event or add the date to the calendar. This will be made possible thanks to a ICS file attached to the email (this implies of course the possibility by the router to send attachments).
  • Think about a graphic design consistent with the site of the event.

And here we go, let's have fun! The personal kif will be mainly to succeed in reproducing a "Graphic" and aesthetic side to the email through the games of typography said basic. Of course, we take the colors and the spirit of the site And here is the result!


Well, I have to admit that I'm a bit psychorigid about the thing: I went so far as to have fun passing the logo in raw HTML, as well as the text "Generating new value"... At least, in terms of "displaying info without downloading images", it's hard to do better 😀

Let's move on to the responsive version! (Yes, it's easy to say that we absolutely have to do responsive! But you have to offer something behind it)


What do you think about it? Does it work or not? #FEVAD, what do you think?

Note: This redesign is in no way an order from the selected brand. It's really for fun 🙂

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