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Infographic: 10 tips for your email campaigns

Today, a infographic from GetResponse on 10 things to do to improve your email campaigns :

  1. Understand your customers: listen to their needs;
  2. Respect other people's schedules: work hours, eating habits, hobbies, etc;
  3. Optimize for mobile: Make your content visually appealing on both mobile and desktop;
  4. Be easy to find: follow your customers where they go;
  5. Combine your strategies: reach your consumers regardless of the communication channel;
  6. Give your marketing a new face: applications, QR code, games, mobile coupons, ..;
  7. Use every pixel wisely: keep mobile content to a minimum;
  8. Encourage feedback from your customers: make changes if necessary;
  9. Be an early adopter: stay focused on the competition;
  10. Personalize your messages: create a strong relationship with your customers.


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