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Press release: Olivier M. and Jonathan Loriaux join forces at

Take two emailing specialists. One has acquired a lot of visibility over the years thanks to his blog, the other has a very interesting address book. One is in contact with a large part of the active emailing platforms and agencies in France, the other is working on his book on the Best Practices of email marketing. One has worked with numerous advertisers in the FMCG, press and automotive sectors, the other has extensive experience in e-commerce, retail, tourism and banking. Add a pinch of entrepreneurial spirit and you have a more than logical collaboration.

Many email platforms, very few independent specialists

France has always been at the forefront of emailing, with active sending platforms for more than 10 years, our country does not have to be ashamed of its experience. But if we can count about ten major routers, many structures have been added in recent years. To such an extent that we can count up to 50 active sending solutions on our market.

If the routing market is extremely dynamic, very few independent consultants offer an expertise focused on emailing. There are 5 or 6 on the market... at most!

It is in this spirit that we decided to collaborate, in order to offer a wide range of advice related to email marketing and all eCRM issues.

What type of collaboration?

While we plan to jointly handle all consulting and production tasks (our experiences being totally interchangeable) we have decided to split the sales and marketing aspects. Olivier will be in charge of all commercial aspects while Jonathan will be in charge of marketing and lead generation.

A complete offer

In the coming weeks, we will come back in detail on the offer proposed by Badsender. An offer that you can already see on our dedicated page, but which will still evolve.

In summary, we offer services in eight different categories:

  • Strategy To help advertisers rethink their entire emailing and eCRM strategy, but also to follow them over the long term.
  • Optimization : We offer a newsletter diagnostic package and workshops dedicated to emailing.
  • Deliverability An audit covering all aspects of deliverability and dedicated training.
  • Routing platform We help companies choose the best mailing solution and support them in the migration to a new platform.
  • Production Whether it is the writing of the content of your communication or its sending via your routing platform.
  • Consulting and customized training : For the most specialized needs, we build audits and custom emailing training.
  • Design and integration : We support the development and design teams so that they can understand the specificities of emailing.
  • Analysis and enrichment : Building dashboards and enriching your data is one of our priorities.

We are open to the world

Badsender is also a directory of the different providers of the emailing world. Thanks to all these contacts, we can offer and coordinate many more services than those presented above.

Being open to the world means collaborating with the entire emailing and eCRM ecosystem. We have no exclusivity and that is our strength.

About Olivier M.


Olivier has been working in the field of web marketing and ecommerce for over 13 years. During his career, Olivier has been responsible for traffic management, web analytics and ecommerce strategies for advertisers such as La Redoute, Thomas Cook and Tape à l'oeil. Olivier's passion for email marketing started in 2003 when he was working in New York for Energy Intelligence. Since then, he has continued to improve his knowledge by participating in numerous projects with advertisers such as Kraft Foods, Levi's, Peugeot, ING, Euromaster, Mr Bricolage...

About Jonathan Loriaux


Jonathan has been active for more than 7 years in the field of emailing, his career path started on the technical side (research and development, integration of emailing campaigns) before moving on to sales (as an eCRM expert) and finally marketing consulting. For more than 4 years he has been the author of the blog Emailing is not only an expertise for Jonathan, it has truly become his passion, which is why Badsender has gradually become an emailing consulting agency. During his career, Jonathan had the opportunity to accompany companies like, Procter&Gamble, Danone, Nestlé, Henkel, Citibank, Fiat, ...

The author

6 réponses

  1. Wow, this is a great start to 2014 😉 Good luck to you both

  2. Congratulations!
    A beautiful collaboration that promises great projects!

    I look forward to reading you both and participating in your investigations, projects and expertise!

  3. Thank you Sylvain !

    We'll be sure to keep everyone posted 😉


  4. Congratulations to both of you.
    If I understand correctly, your joint expertise covers the breadth of the exciting field of email marketing as independent consultants; great projects ahead!

  5. Thank you very much Laurent, see you soon!


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