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White paper - Digital marketing: law, design & performance by Dolist


The emailing platform Dolist publishes a brand new white paper on the subject of trust. A good opportunity to recall the French legislation on data collection and best practices.


"39 % of executives feel they lack legal knowledge about the use of personal data in business.

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It is clear that many companies collect data without always questioning their compliance. Restoring trust and ultimately maintaining a lasting relationship with customers are crucial issues for e-mail marketing and digital marketing as a whole.

On the menu of this white paper:

  • The French legislative context
  • It all starts with the collection
  • Throughout the customer life cycle

About Dolist is an e-mail marketing specialist, offering solutions and services for e-mailing, SMS sending and transactional e-mails. Available 24/7 via the Internet, its two SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, Dolist-V8 and DolistEMT, provide advertisers with all the necessary tools to carry out their e-mail marketing operations.

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