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Badsender of the week : When Franz Olivier Giesbert sends me emails

Franz Olivier Giesbert, do you know him? Yes, yes, the boss of the magazine Le Pointthe TV presenter,... . Well, Franz is becoming a great friend! Since almost a year, Franz has sent me no less than eight emails. Well, on the other hand, he's a bit rambling, each time, it's the same old thing, same subject, same content, ...


Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not even sure that he is aware of it... I hope, however, that it is the case of the marketing department of Le Point. Because yes, it is a prospecting campaign relayed by the credit comparator Kredity. But at the strategic level, I'm not sure how effective it is.

Why is that? Because a news magazine is in essence a bearer of news, a bearer of stories to tell. It is therefore essential to use this richness in the recruitment process of new clients. To convince, you have to act on the substance, what makes you unique, on your added value. Here, using the image of a personality is smart, but if it doesn't work the first two times, there's no point in trying too hard.

Otherwise, no accent in the subject line, display problems in Gmail, Franz's email address is Jessica's, ... and so on.

In the place of the average consumer, what do I think?

Put yourself for a moment in the shoes of the consumer who, interested in a new car loan ... receives eight similar emails (even if they are well spaced in time). What does he think of the credit comparator? And what does he think of... Franz?

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

A more costly, but much more effective strategy would have been to build a personalized recruitment program, using the value of both platforms. For example, Kredity could have occasionally relayed the economic news published by Le Point by offering its visitors to subscribe to the magazine (or something similar).

Unfortunately, this type of strategy is a far cry from what is being done in the email acquisition industry... someday maybe!

Identity card

Generic email information:

  • Subject of the email Discover the special offer we have for you
  • From : Franz Olivier Giesbert
  • Preheader : To display this message correctly, consult the online version
  • Sending platform : Experian

Checklist :

  • Link to privacy : KO
  • Link to unsubscribe : OK
  • DKIM : OK
  • Text version : OK
  • Text to Image Ratio : OK
  • List-unsubscribe : KO
  • Friendly reply : ??
  • Mobile ready : KO

Screenshot of the email



The author

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  1. The point has an RSS feed. They could have integrated the last 4 articles of the RSS feed at the bottom of the email. That way, when the same email is sent 8x, there is still a little bit of content that differs.

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