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E-mail Marketing Analysis: The Thalys Newsletter

A newsletter sent by Thalys last week caught my attention. If it caught my eye, it was because of the design ... suspicious in Gmail. Going a little further, there is a lot to say. So here is a quick analysis (necessarily incomplete) of this emailing.

Identification of the sender

L'sender of the email is easy to identifythe From alias is simply " Thalys" . However, the email address behind this From is unfortunately noreply@thalys.comfield, as well as the email address of the Reply-to. You know how Kunfluo feels about no-reply email addresses. It's all the more of a pity, because on the Thalys website, there's a contact form available, and so a team ready to receive your requests. consumer messages.

A display that could not be ideal!

As you can see in the above screenshot taken in Gmail. This newsletter of Thalys suffers from some display problems.

These are the result of bad practices in the field of emailing creation :

Use of CSS style in the html header of the email

This is why there is a blue border around the "Learn more..." link and why there are white lines cutting the images. You should know that some Webmails/Mail Clients do not take these header htmlBut it is possible to get around this lack. It is therefore a practice to be absolutely proscribed.

Text in pictures

This is a very common practice, but one that is extremely detrimental to the reading and the deliverability email marketing campaigns.

On reading, because some webmails/mails clients hide images by defaultIn order to read the main message of the email, an additional action is required from the Internet user.

To deliverability, because emails with more than 50% of image on their surface are more likely to be considered as spam.

No text version

If creating text version to email may seem like a practice from another age, but it is still extremely important.

First, because the fact that an email is multipart is important for the anti-spam filters. And then a number of mobile email clients display by default the text version of emails.

A reputation ... to control!

These bad practices and certainly others, should be corrected. Indeed, according to the site the deliverability rate of Thalys would be only 32.15%, and even if one can discuss the relevance of this figure, it is interesting. The senderscore itself is 79 (as it is evolving rapidly, it may have changed by the time you read this).


GraphicallyWhen displayed correctly, the Thalys newsletters are very well done. Unfortunately, the medium email requires a special attention. And in this respect, there is work to be done. The reaction rate of Thalys' email campaigns can only be improved.

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