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Gmail Priority Inbox, a selection of the most interesting articles about this trend

This week was clearly the week of Google's introduction of the Priority Inbox in Gmail. For the moment, the feature is not yet available for everyone, but it is gradually being deployed on Gmail, but also Google Apps.

Email overload? Try Priority Inbox - Gmail Blog

First, because it is obviously the main source of information on Gmailthe official blog. A general article that describes the principle of the Priority Inbox. You will also find a video that has been relayed on many other sites.

Are You Ready for the Ultra Managed Inbox? -

Does Stephanie Miller have premonition skills? In any case, she publishes the day before the announcement of the Priority Inbox of Gmail a very interesting article about a general trend of the webmail market. This trend is to help the Internet user to sort out his email correspondence automatically. This of course leads to brand new challenges for email marketers.

Priority inboxes, intelligent inboxes, quality bars and you - Email Marketing Reports

Mark Brownlow looks back at what he calls the " Smart Inboxes" . He tries to analyze the situation (or rather the evolution) and proposes four points that e-mail marketers should keep in mind:

  1. Smart inboxes need intelligent messages
  2. Smart inboxes requireinteraction
  3. Smart inboxes require a solid start
  4. Smart inboxes require a lot of connectivity

Priority Inbox - My cup of tea - eCircle Inside the Inbox

Too much choice would kill choice, and that's essentially what Priority Inbox wants to avoid. According to Barney Willis of eCircle, this method is intended to reduce the "noise in the email inboxes andincrease relevance. Relevance, this is also the axis that email marketers should work on if they want their messages to be read.

More than just deliverability issues

By reading these articles, we can quickly realize that in addition to the various problems of deliverability, it will not be enough to manage to place a message in the inbox of the recipient. It will also be necessary that this one is enough well-designed to be the best ranked possible.

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