News: NP6 acquired by ChapsVision!

One more! The email marketing market continues its transformation. Today, NP6 announces that it has been acquired by ChapsVision.

The young ChapsVision group has successively acquired companies that are complementary:

  • Coheris: CRM & Analytics platform, acquired in 2019
  • Sparkow: search and e-merchandising platform, acquired in 2019
  • Octipas: unified commerce platform for retail, acquired in 2020
  • + NP6!

Through these acquisitions, the group can respond to recurring problems: reconciling customer data scattered in several information systems, activating cross-channel marketing campaigns, making the customer experience more fluid and analyzing it all!

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The ChapsVision group confirms its will to become a major player in multichannel marketing. To be continued!

Now we just have to orchestrate it all!

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