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Job : Badsender is looking for Swiss Army knives to reinforce its production team !

In order to keep up with its growth, Badsender is looking to strengthen its eCRM production team. The work of our eCRM production team ranges from design to copywriting, including HTML integration, data processing, integration of campaigns into the various eCRM solutions of our clients, ...

The job : Emailing and eCRM campaign manager

Your role is multifaceted, but two elements are central: knowledge of the main principles of eCRM campaign management (you know what a trigger is) and you are not afraid to sell yourself (and Badsender) in front of a client. As stated in the title of this article, we're looking for Swiss Army knives, meaning that while having campaign management as a main part of your experience, you're able to jump from one topic to another. You will manage the operational demands of clients, from the reception of briefs (possibly participating in their design) to the delivery of statistics, including campaign integration, testing, data selection, ...

If you have a more creative background or a more technical background (unless you went to business/marketing school), no problem as long as you feel comfortable going beyond your core expertise.

The profile

Freelancers only at first!

  • Demonstrate experience on at least 3 or 4 campaign management solutions (Adobe Campaign, Splio, Selligent, Actito and Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience preferred).
  • You have held a similar position, either in an agency or directly with the advertiser
  • You are open to a placement in our clients' offices (mainly for candidates from Lille and Paris)
  • You have intermediate or advanced knowledge of Photoshop
  • You have intermediate or advanced knowledge in responsive HTML integration for email
  • You have intermediate or advanced knowledge of SQL
  • You have a good foundation in development for some of the most common web languages (PHP, Javascript, ...)
  • You have a good marketing sensitivity and are open to the needs of test and learn in our business
  • You have been involved in sales/tendering processes in the past

The place of work

We will give preference to people close to the following 4 cities:

  • Carcassonne (Bram)
  • Lille
  • Brussels
  • Paris

This does not mean that other applications will not be carefully analyzed.

Apply at

Send us an email at! Don't forget to make your subject line and CTA ????


The Badsender business model is very flexible and we are open to original collaborations. So don't hesitate to send us your suggestions.

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