Management of emailing and eCRM campaigns:

Outsource your email and eCRM production.

Badsender allows you to outsource all your needs in terms of strategy, deployment and email marketing production. Our goal is to be an extension of your marketing department, serving your business. And therefore, to let us manage your email campaigns and/or eCRM...
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The different formulas...

Outsourcing and management of email campaigns

Hybrid mode

We adapt to the situation by bringing our expertise where you need it.
  • A project manager will be responsible for liaising with your eCRM team regarding the topics you have chosen to outsource.
  • This can be only the writing of the messages, the HTML integration, the monitoring of the deliverability...
  • ...Or a combination of the different services offered by Badsender.

Full service mode

We manage all your email marketing and eCRM needs.
  • Your project manager will have the role of an eCRM manager for your company.
  • He will be in charge of coordinating the strategy, respecting the budgets and the production schedule.
  • Every week or month, he will give you a complete report of the results of the different campaigns implemented and the planning of the next cycle.
Best of

Temporary solutions

Badsender can provide you with resources for a specific period of time.
  • In some cases, you need to outsource some of your resources because a major project requires additional manpower or you are facing a vacancy.
  • In this case, Badsender can provide you with resources for a specific period to meet your needs.

Fullservice (pronounced. (ful) (sε ʀvis), adj.)

This means that we can handle all your email marketing and eCRM needs, such as email campaign management. But it also goes from strategic thinking à the production of all your emails. Are you a specialist in your business? We respect that and Our goal is to work together to make your eCRM communication a success.

Hybrid (pronounced. (ibʀid), adj.)

Perhaps you have some of the resources needed to produce your email campaigns and eCRM programs in-house. In this case, we adapt to the situation bringing our expertise where you need it. Our will will is always to allow you to become autonomous, we have no interest in making you dependent on our services.

Changing your emailing solution is not...

A harmless act!

It can be a lifesaver in some cases, but it can also cause blocking situations. This is why it is essential to go through various preparatory phases before switching to a new routing infrastructure.


Support during data recovery.

Assistance in recovering data from your previous routing solution.

Information retrieval.

Recovery of the various information (IP addresses, domain names...) regarding your routing conditions in order toevaluate the state of your sender reputation and to prevent possible deliverability problems during the migration.

Cleaning of the base.

Cleaning of your database using the different data recovered from your old routing solution.

Configuration of the different authentication elements.

Configuration of the different authentication elements (SPF, DKIM...) in order to protect your reputation as a sender.

Data synchronization.

Synchronization of your data with the new sending platform.

Construction of a plan.

Build a "WarmUp" plan to warm up your new IP addresses.


Monitoring from the beginning of the activity with your new router.

Migration of the different marketing programs.

Optional: Migration of the different marketing programs deployed on your old solution (templates, scenarios, segments...).


What is it in these cases...

The deliverable?

  1. Analysis of the means to put in place for your migration.
  2. Creation of a migration plan.
  3. Accompaniment and support during all stages of the migration.
  4. Monitoring of deliverability during the first weeks of using your new platform.
You need a break? Let us manage your email campaigns.
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