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Training HTML coding for email:

Address the specifics of email integration.

In this course you will learn the different aspects of HTML development for email, the global specifics of email integration and technical tips for many email clients.
email marketing training

A guide to HTML integration in email, all hot off the press.

The objectives


Understand the differences between html email integration and html web integration.


Choose the right technique to code a responsive email.

Understand again

Understand the limitations of different email display environments.


Accompany your designer to facilitate thehtml integration of the emailing.


Know how to detect bugs in a newsletter and solve them.


Develop HTML code that is compatible with all email clients and webmails on the market.


1350 Ask for the dates!
  • Participants from several companies gathered
  • Between 5 and 7 participants maximum
  • The possibility of making a training agreement
  • The provision of a digital support


Made to measure Whenever you want!
  • 7 participants maximum to ensure the possibility of quality interactions
  • The possibility of making a training agreement
  • The provision of a digital support
  • The possibility to customize the training

Get your professional training financed

Badsender is working in partnership with Dixer, a professional training organization. As such, our training courses are certified by Data Dock and labeled AFNOR. They can therefore be financed by your OPCO if you have less than 50 employees. If you wish to have your training financed, do not hesitate to ask us for a draft training agreement and to contact your Human Resources department or your OPCO.

The detailed training program.

HTML email integration

Introduction / HTML / CSS / Encoding / Indentation.

Mobile Email

Introduction / Email Responsive Design / Media queries / Fluid-Hybrid.

Content to be used with caution

Introduction / Background images / Typography / Retina.

Content not to be used

Javascript / Element iframe / Flash / HTML forms / Integrated media.

Topics of contention

Weight / Height / Semantics.

Mail clients and OS

Desktop clients / Tips 'N Tricks / Increasing efforts of the mail clients / Conclusion.

Email Integrator Mantra

What is best for the user? It also depends on the target... / Anticipate the HTML integration from the design phase.


Design / Testing / Delivery.
Your trainer Thomas Defossez.
Email designer and specialist in HTML integration for email: Thomas started his career as an emailing integrator at Experian before creating his own web agency. Since 2013, Thomas collaborates on various projects of Badsender and since 2017 has become an employee of the structure. Today, he is the main ambassador of email design and email integration at Badsender. During these 2 days, you will also learn the different techniques to create emails adapted to reading on mobile devices. Each step of the learning process will be complemented by exercises that will allow you to put into practice all the notions you have learned. HTML integration for email is not a simple science! It differs from web integration by a large number of display environments, some of which are totally obsolete in their support of HTML and CSS (think of Outlook on Windows which uses the HTML rendering engine of Word). The course requires a basic level of html integration. The main html tags should already be mastered in order to be able to directly approach the specificities related to html coding for email. This course is intended for web designers and email designers, webmasters, web developers, or managers of emailing and eCRM campaigns.

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