Choice of campaign management tool

The objective of this training module is to teach you how to write specifications, to understand the major differences between the market players as well as the strengths and limitations of the tools. The practical exercises will allow you to build step by step your specifications, your evaluation grid and to select the most relevant actors for you.
email marketing training

We also offer you a Benchmark of the market solutions!

The objectives
distance learning

Understand the differences between the main types of tools

Write a needs-oriented specification

Understand the different types of business models

Ask the right questions during demonstrations to reveal the limits and strengths of the tools 

Designing an evaluation grid

To know the names of the 3 providers best equipped to meet your specifications

Individual participation
850 per person
  • A chat with the other participants
  • 8 hours of video lessons
  • 4 hours of personalized coaching
  • 2 hours of support on the course chat
Team participation
2240 for 4 people (500 € per additional participant)
  • Only participants from your company
  • Between 5 and 10 participants maximum
  • 8 hours of video lessons
  • 4 hours of individual coaching
  • 8h of support (shared)

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The detailed training program.
  1. Presentation of the ecosystem of marketing campaign management tools
  2. The steps to choose a tool without making a mistake, the specifications, the evaluation grid
  3. Non-functional but very important criteria
  4. Business models and other tariffs
Checklist for an email campaign
For the points below, we will look at 3 things: your needs, the translation of your needs into the tools and the limits (or not) of the tools:
  • Your needs in : Rights management / distributed marketing
  • Your needs in : Data / scoring/ AI / segmentation / dataviz
  • Your needs in : Email creation / CMS / WYSIWYG
  • Your needs in : Campaign activation / A/B testing / AI
  • Your needs in : Scenarios / automated marketing
  • Your needs in : Commercial pressure
  • Your needs in : Statistics / Performance measurement
  • Your needs in : Deliverability
Your trainer Marion Duchatelet.
Emailing and Multichannel CRM Consultant. Coming from a commercial background, Marion worked for Cabestan for almost 10 years where she accompanied the evolution of the solution in terms of marketing and communication before becoming Marketing Director. After a two-year stint in a data agency, Marion now assists Badsender's clients in the evolution of their emailing and eCRM strategies.

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