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Who's the boss? The email builder made by Badsender !


In fact, our email builder has been around since 2016 and we already have quite a few brands creating their emails with our tool. But we still get (too) regularly customers and prospects who tell us:

I'm looking for an email builder, do you know one? "

In short, our email builder is not very famous and it's our fault because we never invested much in communication on it... but we're rectifying it!

We need to give it a name!

Because the email builder of Badsender is not very good.
So we brainstormed during our last masterclass. At the beginning, Fabien and I were going for something like " The cinder block! The email builder it is well ". We were hot: we imagined a cinderblock falling on the home page. We imagined a dog named 'Parpaing' that we would have taken to a meeting... We were really hot! But we had a hard time convincing the other members of Badsender...

So we started brainstorming again and went back to the origins of the tool.

Why was an email builder created?

Our customers often tell us that the builder offered by their routing tool is not flexible enough. They send a lot of campaigns per month, more and more segmented and personalized. The campaigns are multiplying (but the staff is stagnating) so they need to strongly industrialize the creation of emails. From this observation, we created a builder that meets 4 promises:

  1. Create emailings easily and quickly no technical skills required. It's drag and drop. The basics.
  2. Designing elegant emailings strictly respecting the graphic charters : logo, colors, fonts, visuals, legal mentions...
  3. Industrializing creation: managing 20 entities, 20 different brands, 20 countries... it's not a problem. Industrialization is really what the Boss is all about.
  4. Respect the constraints of the most demanding advertisers You can use the router's customization variables, the tracking tool's specific tags, sync with your routing tool, and many other custom options.

Then it will be will be "The Boss"!

Template, assembly, design, elegance, custom-made... We are in the field of sewing where we make, we assemble the pieces (blocks) of a pattern (template) to get a model (email) of which we are proud!

And then, let's face it, the double connotation like We also liked the double connotation of "I'm the boss" 😉

So here it is! We let you admire the site perfectly designed by Thomas and integrated by Fabien. We hope you'll like it! like it!

PS: this is only the version 1 of the website, soon we will put a video presentation, we will keep you informed! If you see any typo, don't hesitate to tell us in comments !

Need a design system email ? Or an email design at all? Or an HTML integration for email ? Or an email builder ? We can also offer you :

Badsender also animates a training on the subject of HTML development of an email !

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