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New entry in our eCRM solutions benchmark with Sarbacane. And 14 of them!


Sarbacane Sunrise, 14ème tool analyzed by Badsender after nearly 4 hours of demonstration and interviews!

Created in 2001, Sarbacane is originally a software dedicated to the creation and sending of emailing campaigns. The company also has Primotexto, a tool to manage the sending of SMS campaigns. For more than a year now, Sarbacane has been offering the Sarbacane Sunrise tool in Saas version. Sarbacane Sunrise gathers in a single solution their ability to route email and SMS campaigns. Sarbacane Sunrise is available in web and software version.

Sarbacane's ambition is threefold: To innovate, simplify the uses and coach their customers in the application of good practices. Moreover, you can feel it from the home page of the tool which proposes a news feed with the latest published best practices.

Sarbacane is one of the tools with a single-table data model. single-table data model. The tool has some nice surprises in store with interesting interesting functionalities always oriented towards simplicity of use. Here is some examples listed below:

  • The possibility to create and buy directly on Sarbacane its domain name
  • The possibility to set up directly in the tool the google analytics UTM
  • Some useful dataquality features such as mobile number formatting, automatic first name analysis to determine the gender of contacts, automatic correction of syntax errors in email addresses...
  • A real CMS builder for email!
  • An equally interesting builder for creating forms, surveys and landing pages
  • Advanced statistics such as the KPI "reading time" divided into 3 categories to rank the contacts from the most to the least interested, an aggregation of statistics by channel, by type of sending and by type of campaign, a global vision allowing to know the active/inactive in base, etc...

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