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Measure the impact of your emails

With an emailing carbon footprint

More and more of you want to improve the environmental impact of your email marketing strategy. By measuring your emailing carbon footprint, you have the opportunity to understand precisely what your areas of improvement are.

emailing carbon footprint

Why calculate the carbon emissions of your emailing strategy?

"To make your company's carbon footprint more accurate"
"Because ALL departments in a company must act"
"Because what cannot be measured, does not exist"
"To become aware of the impact of sending millions of emails"

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How to measure the carbon footprint of your emails?

A lot of information is needed to calculate the carbon footprint of your entire email activity (promotional emails, transactional emails, newsletters, ...). To obtain this information, we conduct the survey using part of ouremailing audit. These criteria are as follows:

1. Number of emails delivered

2. Location of the sending servers

3. Cumulative opening rate

4. Weight of emails sent

5. Time to read emails

6. Distribution of terminals (desktop, smartphone, tablet)

7. Location of the players

To go further, you can also include the consequences of your economic activity on your carbon emissions by adding criteria such as :

  1. The revenue generated by email or the number of conversions
  2. If you have done your carbon footprint, your carbon intensity per euro of turnover will be valuable.
  3. or your LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) by product if you know it


Carbon footprint

The number of tons of CO2 generated by your emailing activity and broken down into 4 categories: 

  • Data centers CO2e emissions generated by the energy used to store data are included in this first category.
  • The networks To open these famous emails, you must be connected to an Internet network: wifi or 3,4,5G.
  • The use of terminals Again, when you open your emails, your computer, smartphone or tablet consumes electricity.
  • Depreciation of terminals This is the main source of emissions on the digital side when we are in France and the majority of consultations take place in the country.


Following the calculation of the carbon emissions of your emails, we propose you a list of recommendations which turn around :

  • About eco-design Designing lighter and more energy-efficient emails, so that they use less space in the email box, use less energy during creation and reading, and remain compatible with older terminals.

  • From automation Automate the sending of emails to your most receptive prospects to raise the brakes. And to your customers to explain how their purchases contribute to a better world.

  • Targeting Send fewer emails, but target them better in order to reduce server and network usage and clutter your recipients' email boxes. Work on inactives.

  • The content of the messages : Accompany your customers as they change their consumption habits, rather than encouraging them to over-consume. Make your raison d'être and your mission. Identify the obstacles that prevent them from taking action. Promote less polluting products.

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