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LIVE: Preference Center, how to think about it? How to set it up?

We have always talked about preferences centers in our trainings or our coaching. And, in recent months, there is more and more talk about it.
During the 1st containment, brands used a more transparent, relational and close tone with their contacts. Other types of campaigns focused less on promotion and much more on editorial have been sent out. These campaigns were very successful, with better open and click rates. Advertisers have kept this new way of communicating and today find themselves with several types of campaigns in their shipping schedule. We always find promotional/product emails, and also, editorial newsletters, advice emails, emails talking about internal news of the company...

when a contact unsubscribes from an email campaign, they may unsubscribe from ALL types of communications if the advertiser does not have a preference center in place. Which is a shame!

When we recommend that advertisers set up a preference center to choose which types of emails they want to unsubscribe to, everyone tells us: " Yes I know it would be great! "But, they quickly get the impression that a preference center is difficult to set upThey also wonder how it is managed in a routing tool, will it be easy or complicated to deploy, etc... In short, many questions emerge.

So, why set up a preference center? How to structure this reflection? Is it that complicated? What questions should we ask ourselves to have an effective preference center? What do we put in it? How is it managed?

To explore this topic, we will discuss with our 2 guests. We will also answer questions from the audience. So don't hesitate to participate, it will be interactive!

When will it happen? Thursday, April 29 from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Our guests.

Yannig Roth is Head of Marketing at DidomiHe and his team have set up a Preference Center which, connected to Hubspot, will allow each prospect and customer to modulate their preferences on different channels.

Arnaud Courtel is Digital Marketing & Growth Manager at Didomi. His day-to-day work includes: Segmentation, CRM, Data Sanity, Optimizations, Processes. He technically set up Didomi's CMP and Preference Center.

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