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Podcast#1: Badsender launches.

March 2020: The Badsender team met a few days ago for a good Brainstorming session. We decided on this occasion to take advantage of our "09:31 meetings" to offer you podcasts which will undoubtedly reflect the good atmosphere of the team. The goal: to keep a frequency of 1 podcast per month, maybe more (it also depends on your enthusiasm) ????.

The subject of this first podcast?

What is "09h31"? Who are the team members? What is the activity of Badsender?

What is the 9h31?

The "09h31" is a meeting twice a week via Teams, on Mondays and Thursdays, that we have been holding for 6-12 months (the range is wide ????), where we all meet to discuss what we did during our weekend, what is new on the professional level, to present job discoveries to the rest of the team and to have a convivial moment. In theory, it lasts 29 minutes... Sometimes less, sometimes more ????.

The team

Marion Moillet

One of the partners, but also Project Director at Badsender. Marion, like most of us, didn't start with Digital: Marion first studied Hotel and Restaurant Management and then progressively switched to a professional reconversion. Before arriving at Badsender, she worked at MailingReporta small French router based in Avignon.

Marion Duchatelet

Marion started directly in the world of emailing: she first did an internship at Cabestan, a French router. She spent ten years there, from the beginning of the company to its expansion. Marion then decided to leave Cabestan to join a small database-oriented agency in Lille, Market Space. After the birth of her little girl, Marion decides to accompany Badsender on a reinforcement in Council. Marion has been working with Badsender for 2 years now on the consulting aspects, Strategy, tool recommendation and his "little darling": The Boss, the Email Builder of Badsender.

Fabien Vanacker

Fabien lives in Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel, between Lille and Dunkerque. Fabien worked briefly in the French National Education system before opting for a professional reconversion in the web, in a web agency where he developed websites and emails. He then obtained a position as an emailing project manager for several large accounts at ETO (which later became Publicis ETO, then Epsilon). Second professional experience as an emailing project manager and campaign manager (mainly on Adobe Campaign) at Soft Computing (which will also become a brand of the Epsilon group). Fabien then got closer to Badsender via the Blog to join the team 3 years ago as an emailing integrator and campaign manager.

Thomas Defossez

After a Bachelor's degree in Plastic Arts in Tourcoing, Thomas joined the IUFM in Lille to become a school teacher. He left this path to make a professional reconversion and obtained the diploma of Multimedia Designer Integrator at the Efficom school. (with Rémi Parmentier as an HTML/CSS teacher). After a first position as an emailing integrator at Experian CheetahMail (which has since become Cheetah Digital) he holds the position of frontend developer at NomadsThen, he created Awip and the email design and integration service Indamail. In 2014, he met Jonathan during the EMDay exhibition. He then comes as a reinforcement on emailing integration for Badsender and joined the team permanently in November 2017. Today, he holds the position of Emailing Designer within the structure.

Grégory Van Gilsen

The last inhabitant of Brussels of Badsender ????. Originally, Grégory is a graphic designer for the paper press. The chance of the professional experiences makes that Grégory joins Citobe (which later became Actito)and then Bisnode for 2-3 years, where he met Jonathan. He made his first steps on Selligent. When Jonathan created his freelance business, Gregory joined him to create the foundations of the company Badsender. Today, he is in charge of production, emailing integration and is developing Le Patron, the Email Builder of Badsender.

Jonathan Loriaux

Jonathan studied for two years at Sciences Po, in Belgium. Then, he changes his path to take a year of courses in a multimedia writing school (site design, storytelling). He got a job as a student in a small agency and decided to leave his studies to join the agency. He stayed there for 2 years before working for RailEurope. In 2007, Jonathan started working as a freelancer: Kunfuo (ahhhh the history of Badsender ????). The WordPress that Badsender uses today is still the one created in 2007. In 2008, the Bisnode group becomes Jonathan's client. And Jonathan then becomes an employee of Bisnode from 2008 to 2013, while keeping the Kunfluo business. In 2010, Kunfluo becomes Badsender : it is mainly the Blog as we know it today. In 2012-2013, Jonathan leaves Bisnode and starts again as an independent Consultant. In 2014, the group Pierre et Vacances becomes one of the biggest customers of Badsender on Production. In 2015, Jonathan and Gregory officially created the company Badsender with its subsidiary in France.

Sébastien Fischer

Sébastien is THE main Consultant Deliverability at Badsender. Sébastien first worked at EmailVision (which later became Smartfocusand then Actito... Do you follow? ????)He then worked on Deliverability at Neolane (now Adobe Campaign) and then at Cabestan. He has been working with Badsender since 2016.

Where is who? And where is he, eh, Kiki?

Marion Duchatelet lives in Mons-en-Baroeul, near Lille. Fabien Vanacker lives in Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel, in Flanders, a town known mainly for its beer production (Three Mountains ????). Grégory Van Gilsen lives in Schaerbeek, near Brussels. Marion Moillet lives in Montreal, in the Aude. Jonathan Loriaux is staying in Carlipa, in the Aude: 350 inhabitants and free dogs ????. Thomas Defossez lives in Ducy, in the Oise region, about 50 kilometers from Paris. Sébastien Fischer is constantly moving. ????

Our advantages

Almost all of us have worked at routers, or at least worked ON routers. We still have a close relationship with them. And we continue to practice them daily.

What does Badsender do?

Many people know Badsender for the Blogits contents, its resources and white papers published... But not everyone knows the activity ofAgency and Training ! And yet, these three main service categories are cross-cutting. In the Agency section, we propose Strategy services (Coaching, Workshops, Consulting)of Design (Design, HTML emailing integration)of Orchestration (Campaign management and data)and Deliverability. We always make sure that these activities are reflected in the Trainings and the Blog.

And what will the next podcast be about?

360° audit? The subject is still to be defined, but be sure that you will not be disappointed...

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