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Update of Badsender's deliverability monitoring offer!

logo-250okThe deliverability monitoring has become a must for any advertiser wishing to maintain (or improve) the performance of their emails. For more than a year, we have had a partnership with 250OK which offers a technical platform to monitor and analyze email deliverability. This solution comes as a reinforcement of the work provided by Badsender's deliverability experts. If you want to know more about our offer :

Discover the deliverability monitoring offer of Badsender

What's new in our deliverability monitoring solution


Several new webmails and ISPs have been added to the delivery analysis solution via Seedlists but nothing new for France (we still find Free, LaPoste, SFR, Orange and Alice). On the other hand, Skynet has been added for the Belgian market and Bluewin for Switzerland.

DMARC Monitoring

The monitoring of DMARC returns was previously included in the Reputation Analysis module, it is now separate and an independent module. This dashboard allows you to finely detect email traffic using your domain name as a sender, but without proper authentication. The objective is to fight against potential phishing problems on the one hand, but also to detect misconfigured email servers in your infrastructure.

Email performance analysis

animated_filters3xlThe biggest update has been done on the email marketing performance analysis part. It may still seem strange to put this functionality next to the deliverability monitoring, but it is a key part of it. The opening rate is for example one of the most efficient indicators to detect an incident. An opening rate that collapses on Gmail while the other destinations remain close to the average on the same campaign clearly indicates a problem. In the same way, the work on inactives is crucial in deliverability.

As a reminder, this performance analysis tool is based on external tracking of your routing solutions via the addition of a tracer in all emails sent.

Here are the new features

  • Easy creation and export of segments using any combination of filters (campaign, destination domain, platform, device, email client, region, city, time zone, gender, age, ...)
  • Verification of the potential to open an email or on the contrary to disengage
  • Creation of custom parameters to enrich segmentation
  • Creation of an audience explorer to create reactivation and re-engagement lists
  • Simplified comparison of results up to 3 campaigns

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information on these topics.

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