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Quitoque Newsletter

Sample email: Quitoque


From: Quitoque
Objet : Treasures from our craftsmen for memorable holidays!
Preheader: Terroirs in the spotlight

Why this choice?

For this month of December, I've selected an e-mail from a newsletter sent by Quitoque !

It's a brand that I love, I occasionally order atypical dishes that I enjoy cooking (which is rare!), hence this choice. I also find their newsletter as interesting in terms of content as in terms of the products they feature... I'll leave you to discover the positive and negative points I've highlighted.

The positive points of this newsletter :

  • Strategy:
    • Quitoque is pulling out all the stops for this December's newsletter!
  • Design e-mail :
    • The e-mail displays perfectly in my Gmail inbox, the CTAs are clearly visible and the graphics are consistent with the website.
    • On the mobile version, the dark mode display is almost perfect, except for the 2 logos which could have been optimized.

The negative points of this newsletter :

  • E-mail authentication :
    • No SPF record is present on the MailFrom domain (…
    • No follow-up of DMARC reports, From domain ( inherits the DMARC record of the main domain... And a DMARC security policy of none...
      • v=DMARC1; p=none
  • Automatic unsubscription :
    • No List-unsubscribe found in SMTP header 🙁
  • Pre-header :
    • Interesting but a little too short and not enough work!
      • Redesign : Quitoque's terroirs are in the spotlight for the festive season...

Compared with the last e-mails I've selected, there are a few areas for rapid improvement (at least on the authentication side). How do you like this e-mail? Do you see any areas for improvement?

Feel free to consult our dedicated page to our e-mail selections and analyses 🙂

Enjoy your reading!

This email was selected by Sébastien Fischer