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Sample email: Filmo


Subject: Drugs, booze, partying: Matthew McConaughey is unrecognizable
Preheader: This week in the subscription...

Why this choice?

Okay, I admit, I selected this email because the subject line attracted me. You're going to tell me that it was the words "alcohol" and "drugs" that caught my eye. But not quite! The subject line is particularly well balanced: "Drugs, alcohol, partying: Matthew McConaughey is unrecognizable".

Well balanced, because in 3 words, you have the theme of the film. Because in 5 words, you've got the theme and the lead actor. And in 6 words, you've got the adjective that creates the mystery to find out more.

This email subject is, in my opinion, a success. If you're a film buff, and therefore a member of the Filmo platform, you're bound to want to know more. It's descriptive, informative... and still a little mysterious. Bingo!

Unfortunately, at theemail openingWe can't say it's a great success.

The mobile version can be improved. A lot of text content in the images, no proper hierarchy of information (the section titles are smaller than the film titles in the images), no call to action, no reassurance or explanation of the FILMO concept even though I'm not an active customer, no editorial touch, no link to the site's UX/UI, ... there's a lot of work ahead!

This email was selected by Jonathan Loriaux