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Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

Sample email: Leroy Merlin

From: Leroy Merlin Grande-Synthe - Dunkerque
Subject: Last days to enjoy
Preheader: - 15 % on Laminate and Parquet Flooring

Why this choice?

Do you know it? OK I'm going out...
So let's do a quick +/- to shed some light on this email selection 🙂

Plus points :
- Argument no. 1: everyone knows Leroy Merlin of course. But here, although you can see that the sender is indeed Leroy Merlin global, it's my store that's writing to me. You can see the personalization 'Leroy Merlin Grande-Synthe - Dunkerque'. (Yes, I live up there^^)
- It's pretty smart to give away the store and offer floors here. We're not going to order it from the other end of France. So identifying proximity is essential here.
- Let's face it, Leroy Merlin is no stranger to email marketing. As a result, we can see a structure like one might teach at school. An attractive pre-header, a menu that inspires (inspiration and tutorials above all), an unmistakable cover image on the message. So let's get on with it: the digital promotion with my own little code (web or store), a block with just 2 beautiful images and 2 buttons that encourage people to go and have a look. Then there's the practical side with transport or delivery and the loyalty program. Then there are the reassurances, the social and digital links and the legal notices.
Everything is clear, well presented and rather minimalist: beautiful images, CTAs and little text.

The minuses:
- Arrrghh when I click on the email I don't get my Leroy Merlin but the one in Verquin-Béthune. And I've never been there. Too bad!
- A strong paranoid/big brother side... Don't tell me you've never talked about a subject and then had it advertised on your smartphone? Coincidence or not, a day or two before receiving the message, I mention 'parquet' because I'm in the construction business. Let's face it, it's the sales season and every January I see parquet flooring. Still, it crossed my mind...

The email that hits the nail on the head!
- Complete efficiency from A to Z.
- Although I can confirm that it was chance, what a timing. I need the floor and they offer it to me at a discount!
- The store persona: well, yes, the "Hello + 'Firstname'" is always a safe bet, but I have to admit that when you give the store, my loyalty card number, my points and the icing on the cake, the contacts that go with it, it takes on a whole new dimension. The customer is important and feels it. Even if not everything quoted is in place in this email, think about it, especially when you're part of a chain of shops.

This email has been selected by Fabien Vanacker