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Sample email: LPO


From: LPO France
Subject: Photo of the week: the weekly nature rendez-vous
Preheader: This week, meet...

Why this choice?

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by animals. I'll even stop at the side of the road to rescue a little sparrow in distress, or worry about a fox cub that seems lost. What can I say, the fate of wildlife (and flora for that matter) concerns me. So what could be more logical than to get information from the LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux - League for the Protection of Birds).

In Photo of the weekLPO puts the spotlight on the Northern Waxwing. What I like about this email is its content. I think the title is brilliant, in keeping with the bird's name - what could be more perfect! In just a few lines, we learn what distinguishes the species in the passerine family, and where it usually lives. The content is informative and accessible to all audiences. The last sentence prompts us to click on the CTA, which redirects us to the Faune France website, where sightings of the waxwing in France are listed.

While I love the content, I can't help feeling a hair a more critical approach to design. No need for a big revolution here, but a little refreshment would be nice. I'll swap the color of the body with that of the main table to have a white background at text level. This would reduce the floating sensation around the footer.
For the image, all you'd need is a transparent png on the rounding for it to blend in perfectly with the block, even in dark mode 😉
I'll also be adding a commitment block, such as becoming a volunteer, upcoming sightings in the area, or how to make a donation.

That's all it takes to get LPO emails flying!

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