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Caisse d'Epargne

Sample email: Caisse d'Epargne


From: Your Caisse d'Epargne advisor
Subject: Votre magazine societaires Automne 2023 - N°04
Preheader: nonexistent

Why this choice?

Because I'm regularly asked to think up innovative, magazine-style newsletter designs. And that's precisely what this email is about: a magazine transcribed into a newsletter. And everything is (almost) perfect. And you'll see that with something simple, it's quite possible to produce something beautiful. It's not incompatible - in fact, quite the opposite!

  • The email subject is completely consistent and transparent with its content: "Your society magazine Autumn 2023 - N°04 ". No surprises.
  • The editorial structure of the email is superb A presentation of what's in the email, why I'm receiving it, how often, an editorial with byline, the articles in the issue, and a presentation of secondary articles... Everything is in logical reading order.
  • I love this little introduction with the "trademark" of Caisse d'Epargne communications: a word and a text, like a definition. Here, the word "Utile(s) accompanied by a very short sentence. And I think it's a very judicious choice of word for a newsletter.
  • Three shades in all: red, black/grey and white. The brand's flagship colors. And not one more.
  • Almost ALL TEXTS that can be designed as HTML text are.
  • Almost ALL VISUAL EFFECTS that can be designed in CSS can be. : the red margin on the right gives the magazine depth, the calls to action, the borders around the chapter headings, the block separations with coloured backgrounds... Magnificent!
  • The typography is simple, but makes it easy to spot editorials, notifications, quotes and calls to action. It's simple, and it works so well.
  • Sharp contrasts to ensure optimum accessibility.
  • Simple design. Really simple. But striking. Light, but just right. "Less is more, as they say!

Honestly, there are just a few optimization points that jump out at me:

  • Designing the title "Utile(s) with HTML text and CSS formatting, and accept acceptable degradation when typography is not supported.
  • Add a link to the mirror page and unsubscribe at the top of the email. For reasons of accessibility AND transparency. But also because I'm curious to see what it might look like in the mobile version 😀
  • The picto "X / Twitter is not in the same format as other social network pictograms: a last-minute update? 😉
This email was selected by Thomas Defossez