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Babbel e-mail example

Sample email: Babbel


From: Babbel
Subject: Your future is written in a new language...
Preheader: Make our prediction with 60% discount.

Why this choice?

For this month of January, I have chosen an e-mail from Babbel ! Who hasn't heard of Babbel here? Between TV, mobile and e-mail ads, it's hard not to know them...

Babbel is an online language-learning system that allows you to take courses on your cell phone as well as on your computer (it's up to you!)!

One thing's for sure, my wife loves Babbel! So I decided to choose a Babbel e-mail from my Inbox and see what would make my wife go crazy... (I tested it and I think it's pretty good :p)

The pluses that caught my attention:

Authentication We have a valid SPF record (on the MailFrom domain) aligned with the sender (and therefore DMARC), we also have a valid DKIM record (on the From domain) aligned with DMARC (it's the From domain that's signed), we also have a DMARC record with a REJECT security policy (I love it!) and finally, we even have a BIMI record to deploy even if there's no branded certificate (VMC)!
As a nice little touch (and a good one at that), they've added the company logo to their profile picture (they're on Google Workspace), which means I get their logo when I open their e-mail (cf. a fake Bimi :p).

Design It's clean and simple! Easy to read on both mobile and desktop! The Dark Mode is perfect and reads great on mobile. The CTA is also clearly visible, hard to miss :p

Strategy : To arouse my curiosity! That's what I remembered from the pre-header hidden in my Inbox...

Our crystal ball has predicted that this year you'll be talking, making jokes, introducing yourself and making new friends in a new language.

Start learning with Babbel today and make our prediction come true with 60 % reduction. It looks like the stars are aligning for you...

So instead of wishing me (like everyone else) a happy new year in 2024, they prefer to put me in a good frame of mind (and yes, a new year means a good resolution, so what could be better than learning a new language or perfecting the one you already know/practice)...

The - that caught my attention :

The Header I find it a little light and not at all sexxxxy. The basics are there: the mirror link, a link to the offer and the logo right underneath... I would have added a pre-header (rather than hiding it) that would run on their prediction...!

How do you feel about this Babbel e-mail?
Please visit our page dedicated to our e-mail selections and analyses 🙂

Enjoy your reading!

This email was selected by Sébastien Fischer