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White Paper Deploying DMARC

To monitor and secure your email flows

In 2018, 75% of businesses have experienced at least one phishing attack in the past 2 years. These attacks are directed at both the employees of these companies, and their customers. Now more than ever, you need to take the time to secure and monitor your email flows. This is the reason for this white paper which will accompany you throughout your DMARC deployment process.

This white paper is currently only available in French. If you have a question on the subject of this white paper, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email flows: Monitor and secure

"46 % of the main French ecommerce sites and 65% of the CAC40 use DMARC. But only 40% of these domains are correctly secured. The task is immense! Considering the major risk for the security of its ecosystem, the deployment of DMARC on all the company's sending domains becomes a major objective in order to: Identify fraudulent traffic using the company's domain names Identify legitimate company traffic that would be poorly authenticated Enforce a security policy with messaging companies Minimize the risks of false positives from anti-spam filters"


In this issue

Table of Contents of our DMARC White Paper

  • What is DMARC?
  • Context and issues
  • What are the features of DMARC?
  • How to deploy DMARC?
    1. Evaluate the size and complexity of the infrastructure
    2. 1st analysis of collected data
    3. Identification of priority projects
    4. Compliance
    5. Deployment of the policy=reject
    6. Deployment of BIMI
    7. Maintenance and monitoring
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