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Customer case: Rapid Flyer

Moving from a promotional approach to value-based content


marketing automation



Rapid Flyer is a printing company which, since 2003, has been offering its customers, whether professionals or private individuals, high-quality online printing services, produced in France to guarantee total satisfaction.
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Rapid Flyer was coach by Badsender for 9 months to overhaul its marketing automation emails. The objective? To move from a promotional strategy to a content-driven sincerely which reflects values and identity from Rapid Flyer. Content that puts subtly highlights the points that differentiate Rapid Flyer from the competition in the online printing sector.


  • Moving from a promotional approach to one focused on values and commitments while the competition has a 100% promo and low-price strategy.
  • Opt-in a maximum number of prospect and customer e-mail addresses. Generate sales from promotional to relational content. Structure and orchestrate the project right up to the launch of the emails.


Step 1: Audit your emailing strategy and semi-structured interviews with 4 people: the manager, the web editor, a support person, and a sales and customer service person. Step 2: Definition of values, reformulation of convictions and messages to be conveyedidentification of value-added editorial topics for the target, the framework of email writing. Step 3: Half-day workshop: definition of 3 wireframes (marketing automation email, monthly newsletter, product and service emailing). Step 4: In the form of 45-minute coaching sessions (once a week for 4 months): review of existing marketing automation scenarios, deletion of unnecessary emails, creation of missing emails. Prioritization and copywriting of emails.


Rapid Flyer has successfully aligned its email content with the company's values. From now on, Rapid Flyer's customers and prospects will receive sincere messages explaining the company's operations and choices, and highlighting discrepancies in practices and competitive abuses.


"When it came to writing our messages, Marion's unique approach was very beneficial and professional; our confidence was boosted by the logical steps in the scenarios and the clarity of the process." Nicolas Mathieu, CEO of Rapid Flyer