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Customer case : Adecco

Adecco outsources its email campaign production to Badsender

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Headquartered in Zurich, the Adecco Group is a world leader in human resources solutions, with a presence in 60 countries worldwide. The Adecco Group is structured into two departments (BtoB and BtoC) and is supported by three global business units with expertise in their fields: Adecco, Akkodis and LHH.
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In France, the Adecco Group's BtoB and BtoC services send more than 30 emailings per month. The Adecco group was looking for an outsourced agency to produce its email campaigns. Their requirement? blend into the organization and work processes already implemented by the Adecco group. The Adecco Group has chosen Badsender as its full-service campaign production agency.


  1. Diversity 2 targets (BtoB and BtoC), 5 brands and over 20 contacts.
    • Distinction of graphic charters and variations by brand.
    • Variety of campaign types: newsletters, information, invitations....
    • Different tools and processes: model formats, forms, briefs, image hosting, etc.
    • 2 routers: Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. Responsiveness While some emailings are recurrent and predictable, others are subject to very tight deadlines, sometimes known only a few hours in advance.
  3. Quantity Production of over 30 emails/month on average.
  4. Adaptability the work processes of existing teams.


  1. Learn how the Adecco Group operates: We listened to the needs of each team manager, exchanged views on areas for process improvement and suggested ways of optimizing emailings. We studied the forms used, their different modes of transmission, and the nomenclatures. All the elements needed for a standardized creation and charter variations for each BU were collected. Badsender categorized all possible emailing features. We prepared a master for each brand, which could be adapted by type to systematize creations.
  2. Infiltrate without disrupting the existing organization. In addition to integrating the Adecco Group's emailing request flow into their Teams application, we have set up a double-checking process to ensure efficient follow-up. This process enables us to synchronize all their requests, respecting the nomenclature used by Adecco. On the Badsender side, each step in the process is notified in our own tool. This means that all new requests, presentations, modifications, proofs and router integration are double-checked to avoid errors.
  3. Provide a responsive team: some members of the Badsender team are dedicated to campaign management. Each member is assigned a role, but all can complement each other to ensure maximum responsiveness in campaign execution.


The Adecco Group and Badsender teams work hand in hand. Exchanges are fast and fluid, guaranteeing that deadlines are met. The Badsender team is an integral part of the Adecco group's processes... from a distance!