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Customer case: EBRA Group

Strategic audit, design and integration of a modular template with Design System Email documentation

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The EBRA group is the France's leading regional daily press group which distributes nearly one million copies and has 15 million unique visitors. Thanks to its nine press titles (L'Est Républicain, Le Républicain Lorrain, Vosges Matin, Le Bien Public, Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire, Le Progrès, Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, L'Alsace and Le Dauphiné Libéré)The EBRA Group offers comprehensive news coverage, from local and regional information to national and international coverage.
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The EBRA Group aims to a graphic redesign of its various emailsas well as an overhaul of the production process to ensure consistency between the group's various press titles. This redesign includes a reflection on the content, on the look'n feel, but also on the production tools and the way to code an email. Each title produces content and creative briefs that it submits to EBRA Services (subsidiary of the EBRA group) to produce the mock-ups and HTML integrations that will be used in email campaigns. Aware that working in silos can introduce different graphic intentions and can have impacts on deadlines, EBRA Group turned to Badsender attracted by the email expertise and the Design System approach.


The objective is to strengthen collaboration between the strategic, marketing/CRM teams and the production studio. All this in Increasing the quality level of emails in both design and code. The challenge for Badsender is to improve the coherence in the emails sent by the different press titles of the group thanks to the use of new working methods and new design tools.


Badsender proposes to Design an email design system with more than 30 modular elements to cover all the needs identified following a strategic audit. This Design System Email is based on an atomic design approach on Figma for graphic elements, an optimized and commented HTML file to dissociate all the modules and the different variants. And finally complete documentation via Zeroheight which includes: code, design, marketing and best practices recommendations related to email marketing. The goal is to guarantee the quality of each email produced, ensure visual consistency of deliverables, improve efficiency and speed of production. All this while promoting team collaboration.


The implementation of the Design System Email has allowed EBRA Group to meet 3 challenges: - To bring a real coherence and graphic homogeneity to our e-mailings, in order to establish our brand image and the performance of our marketing campaigns. - Optimize the production time of our e-mailings, by reusing the elements of the Design System and an HTML Master and thus reduce costs. - Stay up to date on new e-mailing design trends and refine best practices in HTML e-mailing.


"We are delighted with the support of Marion, Olivier and Thomas on these subjects and recommend Badsender for any need concerning e-mailing.