Interview with Vincent David, founder and inveterate connector of L'agence RUP

Vincent David, founder of the RUP agencyshares his vision of the committed communication and the the crucial role of organizations in social and environmental transformations. His words reveal how integrity, ethics and commitment, both personal and professional, can shape the communications sector to better serve the common good.

Vincent David

Vincent emphasizes rigorous selection of projects and customers, a luxury that enables RUP to align its work with its core values : "We have the choice. We have the luxury, perhaps in a way. And it's also a commitment to choose our customers in the sense that we're lucky enough to have a lot of incoming requests, so we're in a position to refuse certain customers if indeed they're not aligned with what we're fighting for. "This selective approach reinforces the agency's mission to create a positive social and environmental impact.

In terms of organizational transformation, David considers training and awareness-raising are crucial to supporting employees through the changes needed today: "In fact, you have to be able to convince employees to change... Here too, there can be training courses for employees to help them change less about their day-to-day jobs, but more about their mindset and their ability to understand the company's evolution. "He stresses the importance of preparing individuals to adapt and contribute positively within their organization.

Vincent does not fail to highlight his personal commitment to various causes, reflecting his conviction that individual commitment is just as significant as collective action : "Yes, we all have commitments. I'm very involved in Communication et démocratie, in an association called Lève les yeux, which works on limiting the use of screens, particularly among young people."

He also discusses sincerity in communication, a pillar for building trust and authenticity in dialogue with the public: "We, the term sincerityWe understand it by the reality of the commitments made, the verifiability of these commitments and above all, the delta between the communication that is made about this commitment and the territory in which this commitment is exercised and the impacts of this commitment".

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Vincent and I also discussed the RUP cooperative mode of operationemphasizing the positive impact of this structure on corporate culture and customer satisfaction: "We, we've been very horizontal from the start... It made a certain amount of sense to stay within the SCOP dynamic, because if we'd created a SARL, we'd have had to draw up a shareholders' agreement." This cooperative model favours equitable income distribution and democratic decision-making and reinforces the agency's commitment to its ethical principles.

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