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Interview with Paul Charon, co-founder of OMAJ: the dilemma of black Friday or sales for a committed company

Shortly after Black Friday, I was intrigued by a post on LinkedIn by Paul Charon, co-founder of OMAJ. In this post, Paul explains the dilemma that Black Friday poses for committed brands. His words piqued my curiosity, and after a few exchanges, I had the opportunity to interview Paul for our "Sobriety and Marketing" podcast.

In this episode, Paul Charon shares with us his personal awareness of the carbon impact of the CSP+ group (upper socio-professional category). He also mentions professional cognitive dissonance which led him, in collaboration with Marine Daul Mernierto create OMAJ. OMAJ is an online retailer of second-hand clothing that strives to make the user experience as seamless and attractive as buying new, with an emphasis on service excellence for both buyer and seller.

We then turn to a delicate but crucial subject: the rise of second-hand platforms such as Vinted and Leboncoin over the past few years, which seems to have had an impact on the market. overshadowing charitable organizations as Emmaüs label. Paul is fully aware of this, and explains the measures taken by OMAJ to avoid competing negatively with these associations.

Paul also shares with us OMAJ's experience of Black Friday and sales in general. Can you be a committed company and take part in Black Friday? Does it damage the brand image? He explains the concept of Dilemma Friday and free sales. How and why they took this decision, as well as the results obtained.

Banner on the OMAJ home page during black friday

Finally, we discuss the mission-driven company, its raison d'êtreAnd its impact on investors. How this translates into the company's roadmap, and into day-to-day content production.

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Text transcript of the podcast recorded with Paul Charon, co-founder of OMAJ

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