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Cheetah Digital Study: 2022 Digital Consumer Trends

For the third year in a row, Cheetah Digital in partnership with Econsultancy, conducted a global study that reveals the worldwide trends of consumers regarding their relationships with brands in terms of communication, advertising and loyalty. What is rather "reassuring" is that the conclusions of this study (on the emailing part) are very close to the conclusions of the qualitative studies done on generation Z here and here.

The methodology

Cheetah Digital's study shares information gathered from 5,404 consumers across seven countries - Australia, France, Japan, Spain, the UK and Ireland, and the US.

The main conclusions in bulk

  • Email is still the preferred channel consumers to receive offers, content and rewards from brands.
  • More than half of consumers used their cell phone in a store to search for a product or to help with the purchasing act
  • Loyalty is no longer just about offering the lowest price : a brand must be able to create an emotional bond with consumers by fostering a sense of community, recognizing the customer as an individual and providing tailored offers and product recommendations.
    French consumers love loyalty programs. They are willing to pay more to buy from their favorite brand.
    Brands that go beyond a simple reward points system build long-term consumer loyalty.
  • 18% of consumers have left their favorite brand because they did not feel valued as a customer.
  • 82% increase in the number of French consumers who want to receive products and services customized to their preferences.
    Half of the consumers are willing to share their personal data (such as interests) if they receive a product recommendation in exchange. If they entrust their data and brands do nothing with it, they are frustrated at 82%.
  • 39% of French consumers have taken the trouble to install a adblocker.
  • 41% of consumers are looking for the best price.

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