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Badsender relaunches its podcasts!

Aaaaaah I'm happy! I've had this in mind for months: and if we translate our email marketing live podcasts ?

That's right! Our live shows are doing very well. We have on average more than 150 additions to the agenda (yes because there is no registration to our lives, so... no commercial reminders ;-))
So more than 150 additions to the agenda (thanks addevent) by communicating little: a few posts on LinkedIn, an invitation email 10 days before on our subscribers base and a reminder email to the invitation email openers on the D-day! (now you know everything! yes I know the openers don't mean much anymore... we need to get back on track...).
Anyway, we have more than 300 views on average for each of our lives on Youtube (by the way you can subscribe to our channel by clicking here). So this should interest some of you !

We regularly do live shows, on average 1 every 15 days. So the rhythm of the podcasts will follow the rhythm of the lives.

In truth true, Badsender has launched its first podcast In March 2020, we realized 4 in 7 months. Then we stopped, because of the lack of time and the change of priority. It was quite long to generate: we created a different intro for each podcast, we retouched the editing... in short it was long. Now, we're going to make the same intro for all the podcasts and we're going to take the sound out of Youtube, paste the intro and put it on Soundcloud. It will normally take about 15 minutes (because there are also the thumbnail and other little things to set up)

Thanks to Fabien VanackerWe now have our previous live performances translated into podcasts and available on most platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Podcast...). So you can listen to us wherever you are! You'll see, we're not just talking nonsense, we're even told that it's really interesting.

Now you know everything!

Next live on Thursday, March 17 on "Help, without cookies I don't measure anything anymore!"The next podcast will be online on friday the 18th... go monday the 21st !

PS : ah yes, we asked Fabien to help us on this because Fabien likes the sound ! He has an electro-groove music band called VanTyze, don't hesitate to listen to it !

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