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Voices of Responsible Marketing: Podcasts on email marketing

Discover our podcasts dedicated to the art of email marketing and responsible marketing.

In a constantly evolving digital world, marketing must also evolve by favoring a responsible and ethical approach. Email marketing is no exception. Whether you are an experienced professional or a curious beginner, enjoy our podcasts to equip yourself with the best practices and insights surrounding email marketing and responsible marketing.

Captain Cause demo: the tool that gives meaning to brand loyalty programs

Create customized blocks in Hubspot's CMS. Example with Effy

Yahoo and Google deliverability rules change... and then what?

Demo: Stripo email builder

All you need to know about the real newsletter

Deliverability: what to make of Gmail's (and Yahoo!'s) recent announcements?

Our golden rules of email integration. We tell you all about it!

Benchmark emailing 2023: Badsender presents the best in emailing statistics

Email production: key questions to ask yourself BEFORE deciding how to proceed

Inactive emails: how to define and reactivate them from #AMPP #iOS15?

Email design overhaul: from ideation to final layout

IOS17 and Apple Link Tracking Protection: what impact will this have on the tracking of links in your emailings?