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LIVE! Commercial pressure: how to measure/avoid the "fed up" of your subscribers?

The commercial pressure is indeed an issue of emailing that remains a mystery: extremely subjective, difficult to measure and therefore, very poorly solved.

All Most internet users agree that we receive too many emails. Whatever the generation, everyone thinks that. Here is the thing, the type of verbatim (and there are plenty of others!) that I hear when I give courses on emailing strategy in schools :

"We get too many serious ones! My mailbox is full! And then, it's always the same thing. Seriously, how does email work?"

Yes, the email channel works. For any type of company and any type of industry. Each campaign generates a minimum of clicks, therefore revenue. The unsubscribe rate seems low. Advertisers are completely aware of the marketing pressure. But the more they send, the more conversions they get. So it's tempting! And worse, the competitors are even more aggressive, so why restrict themselves?

In this live, we will talk about, among other things, the measurement of dissatisfaction, segmentation, scoringWe have a lot of experience in the field of routing, artificial intelligence, and what can be done (or not done) in the routing tools.
Available in podcast here or in replay on Youtube.

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The participants

Jorma Leteurtrois: Jorma has been working in CRM for... phew... I don't even know if you can say it 😉 He manages clients from Tinyclues. In his previous experiences, he was in charge of the CRM strategy of e-tf1, AlMErys, Askal group, la Française des Jeux.

Marion Duchatelet : She advises Badsender's clients in their emailing strategy and in the choice of their tools. She organizes master template design workshops for email builder LePatron. She writes articles, hosts live shows, does training with Badsender but not only that, she jumps on all good ideas to make sure they become reality. She never gives up, never! She wants to understand everything, EVERYTHING!

The author

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